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Baked chicken with garlic and sherry


Baked chicken with garlic and sherry: This is the most delicious way of cooking chicken which basically creates sticky, sherry-flavoured chicken nuggets. It comes from my friend Charlotte and I’ve been cooking it for about 20 years

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The Barbary, Covent Garden


The Barbary, Covent Garden : There are two good reasons for eating at The Barbary. One is the Jerusalem bagel, a wondrous piece of baking. Served warm from the oven, encrusted in spicy sesame seeds it must be the best bread roll in town.

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What to pair with Camembert: 5 great drink matches

Top pairings

What to pair with Camembert: 5 great drink matches: Although it seems similar in style to Brie, Camembert is a trickier cheese to pair with a slightly funky edge that can clash with many wines, particularly reds.

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Blankbottle Limbic 2015

Drink discoveries

Blankbottle Limbic 2015: One of the most original and inventive wine producers I’ve come across is Pieter Walser of Blankbottle in Stellenbosch, South Africa but this is his zaniest concept yet.

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Gazpacho, oak-smoked tomatoes and smoked vodka

Spirits & cocktails

Gazpacho, oak-smoked tomatoes and smoked vodka: I love it when a restaurant lays on an imaginative drink pairing and this was a terrific one from Ben Cooke at Little Gloster just outside Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

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Sierra Nevada chicken

Beer & cider

Sierra Nevada chicken: A bit of a blast from the past, this. It comes from An Appetite for Ale, the beer and food book I wrote with my son Will at the time he owned a pub, the Marquess Tavern back in 2007.

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