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Richard Turner's beef rendang


Richard Turner's beef rendang: If you like a bit of a project make Richard Turner's beef rendang this weekend - one of his favourite recipes, he tells me, from his brilliant new book PRIME.

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Radici - Islington's spicy Italian


Radici - Islington's spicy Italian: It’s already a bone of contention between me and my Islington-based friend T that she has an unfairly large number of good restaurants on her doorstep.

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The best wine pairings with Roquefort cheese

Top pairings

The best wine pairings with Roquefort cheese: Roquefort cheese is unusual in having such a frequently recommended wine match (Sauternes) that you may wonder if it’s worth drinking anything else but depending how you serve it there are a number of other options.

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 Three chocolatey beers for Easter

Drink discoveries

Three chocolatey beers for Easter: As you can see from the new chocolate e-book I’ve been doing quite a lot of *research* into chocolate and chocolate-flavoured drinks and beer is no exception.

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 Indulgent chocolate drinks for Easter

Spirits & cocktails

Indulgent chocolate drinks for Easter: Why should the kids have all the fun at Easter? These days there are a number of indulgent chocolate-flavoured liqueurs and wines that make up for being (almost) too old for an Easter egg.

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Food pairings for wheat beer I: witbiers (bières blanches) and lighter wheat beers

Beer & cider

Food pairings for wheat beer I: witbiers (bières blanches) and lighter wheat beers: Wheat beers are fabulously flexible when it comes to food matching - the beer world’s equivalent of a crisp white wine.

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