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Tomato Tonnato


Tomato Tonnato: Few recipes are truly original but this twist on the classic vitello tonnato from Ed Smith of Rocket and Squash, using tomatoes as the base instead of roast veal is just inspired.

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Radici - Islington's spicy Italian


Radici - Islington's spicy Italian: It’s already a bone of contention between me and my Islington-based friend T that she has an unfairly large number of good restaurants on her doorstep.

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Six things you need to know about pairing wine and vegetarian food

Top pairings

Six things you need to know about pairing wine and vegetarian food: If you think it’s difficult to pair wine and vegetarian food, think again. It’s no trickier than it is for those who eat meat or fish.

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 Earth’s Essence Shiraz 2016

Drink discoveries

Earth’s Essence Shiraz 2016: If you’re someone who is sensitive to sulphur but not convinced by natural wines Earth’s Essence shiraz is for you.

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 Ribs and rum cocktails

Spirits & cocktails

Ribs and rum cocktails: Sweet sticky ribs aren’t the easiest thing to pair with wine so why not look elsewhere? At cocktails, for example?

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Wine, beer and other pairings for Mexican food

Beer & cider

Wine, beer and other pairings for Mexican food: The thing you need to ask yourself when you’re wondering which wine - or other drink - to match with Mexican food is what kind of Mexican. Authentic Mexican or Tex Mex?

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