How to use this siteAs someone who came to wine via my passionate interest in cooking and eating out I’ve always thought of wine in the context of food rather than in terms of scores and this site is all about how to enjoy your wine - and other drinks - more.

Of course the main purpose is to help you find a match - or several possible pairings - for a dish or meal you’re planning to make or a wine or beer you want to show off so hit the Find a Match section for that.

If you’re simply casting around for inspiration browse through Match of the Week, Top Pairings and the Wine with Food and Food with Drink sections which should throw up plenty of new ideas. And Recent Posts includes more general features on food and wine pairing and other subjects of interest to food and wine lovers.

In the Entertaining section you’ll find seasonal menus and ideas for special occasions such as Chinese New Year, Easter and Christmas while if you’re after a new recipe to refresh your repertoire try - obviously enough - Recipes.

I’m also lucky to get to travel and eat out a fair bit so you’ll find the fruits of that … er, research ... in Reviews. It's mainly focused on the London restaurant scene and a few hotels and restaurants elsewhere (the Restaurants and Travel categories respectively). And check out my pick of the latest releases in the Book Reviews section.

If you’re a member of the wine trade or hospitality business there’s a special section for you called Wine Pros which contains slightly geekier stuff about wine dinners, clever pairings and the other things your competitors may be getting up to. Obviously you don’t have to actually be employed in the industry to read this - it’s for keen amateurs too. You’ll be able to subscribe to that section - and a regular Wine Pros newsletter - in a couple of months.

Finally if there's something you think is missing on the site or a particular subject you'd like me to cover or you'd like to advertise with us or offer our readers lavish prizes just get in touch via the contact page.


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