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Lobster thermidor baked potatoes


Lobster thermidor baked potatoes: Another run-out for Mark Hix's wonderfully decadent recipe for a lobster-stuffed baked potato from his book Hix on Baking. Such a great idea . . .

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Pot Luck Club, Cape Town


Pot Luck Club, Cape Town: All discussions on where to eat in Cape Town tend to end up with a recommendation to eat at what is still generally regarded as the city’s best restaurant, The Test Kitchen. Which is not a wholly practical suggestion as it’s almost impossible to get a table.

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Wines to match favourite Valentine's Day foods

Top pairings

Wines to match favourite Valentine's Day foods: If you haven't yet worked out what to drink on Saturday (February 14th, if you need reminding!) here are a few suggestions to match popular Valentine's Day foods.

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Wine of the week: Melonix 2014

Wine finds

Wine of the week: Melonix 2014: One of the best ways to make new wine discoveries is to experiment with wines by the glass. And that is how I found Melonix, a fabulous wine from biodynamic Loire producer Domaines Jo Landron at the newly opened Frenchie in Covent Garden yesterday.

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How to throw a vodka and zakuski party

Spirits & cocktails

How to throw a vodka and zakuski party: A vodka party sounds dangerous, the sort of idea you used to come up when you were a student but think Russian-style hors d’oeuvres, or zakuski as they call them, and you’ve got a great theme for an evening with friends.

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What to drink with chicken wings (and your other Superbowl snacks)

Beer & cider

What to drink with chicken wings (and your other Superbowl snacks): Let’s face it a well-honed wine pairing probably isn’t top priority on Superbowl night but there’s no reason why you can’t sip something delicious as you’re nervously nibbling your chicken wings (or your nails).

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