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West country chicken casserole with cider, apple and celery


West country chicken casserole with cider, apple and celery: Now we're firmly into autumn why not try this homely, comforting, very English-tasting casserole from my book Meat & Two Veg? Do try and find some proper ‘dirty celery’ with some soil still clinging to the stalks, if you can. It has so much more flavour

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Mission, Bethnal Green


Mission, Bethnal Green: What is a large palm tree doing growing in the heart of Hackney? Let alone INSIDE a building (a converted warehouse set in a railway arch). Well, it’s the latest outpost of hipster winebar Sager & Wilde, now with a fully-fledged restaurant, Mission.

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Top wine and beer matches for game

Top pairings

Top wine and beer matches for game: We Brits have always had a reputation for liking our wines old and our game high but times have changed. Today the key factor in matching game tends to be not how ‘gamey’ it is but how it’s cooked and what is served with it.

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Audacia Godello 2012, Les Trois Amis, Valdeorras

Drink of the week

Audacia Godello 2012, Les Trois Amis, Valdeorras: I don’t often get the chance to taste wines from the northern supermarket chain Booth’s but fell hook, line and sinker for this gorgeous Spanish white they served at their pre-Christmas lunch this week.

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6 of the best drink pairings for avocado toast

Spirits & cocktails

6 of the best drink pairings for avocado toast: Judging by my Instagram feed practically everyone is eating avocado toast at least once a day but what do you drink with it?

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Top food matches for cider

Beer & cider

Top food matches for cider: Cider seems to be on the verge of going through the same quality revolution as beer did a few years ago. In the last 12 months I’ve tasted more interesting ciders than I have in the last 12 years.

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