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Fridge-raid tortilla sandwiches


Fridge-raid tortilla sandwiches: You might think that as tortilla generally has carbs of its own it doesn’t need to be stuffed between two slices of bread. Wrong! The Spanish do it so why shouldn’t the rest of us? Particularly if you have leftovers to use up.

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La Chassagnette: so pretty but more misses than hits


La Chassagnette: so pretty but more misses than hits: Given that I plastered photographs of La Chassagnette all over my instagram feed the other day you might think a review was superfluous but the truth is that pretty plates do not necessarily a great restaurant make.

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The best wine pairings for pheasant

Top pairings

The best wine pairings for pheasant: Even if not well-hung, as it rarely is these days, pheasant has a stronger flavour than other feathered game such as partridge or duck. And older, tougher birds are often braised or pot-roasted which calls for a more robust wine match still.

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From the cellar: Domaine d’Aupilhac Montpeyroux 1992, Coteaux du Languedoc

Wine finds

From the cellar: Domaine d’Aupilhac Montpeyroux 1992, Coteaux du Languedoc: One of the pleasures of being at our house in the Languedoc is diving into the cellar and fishing out old, overlooked bottles.

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Celtic Promise and cider brandy

Spirits & cocktails

Celtic Promise and cider brandy: The hardest cheeses to match are washed rind cheeses - those stinky, orange rinded ones like Epoisses - but last week I found a new pairing: a 3 year old cider brandy.

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Oktoberfest Chicken

Beer & cider

Oktoberfest Chicken: This recipe which I edited slightly from the version in the Oktoberfest Insider Guide by Sabine Kafer, comes from my beer and food book An Appetite for Ale. The secret is the lavish last minute slathering with butter.

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