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Courgette and feta fritters with yogurt


Courgette and feta fritters with yogurt: For those whose courgettes (zucchini) just won't stop producing here's the perfect way to use them from Tom Hunt's lovely new book The Natural Cook.

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Duck + Rice: posh Chinese in a Soho pub


Duck + Rice: posh Chinese in a Soho pub: It wasn’t easy getting to Duck + Rice. The first time I tried their kitchens were out of action because the extraction system was down ….

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Which wine pairs best with salad?

Top pairings

Which wine pairs best with salad?: Asking which wine to pair with salad is a bit like asking about what wine to match with meat or fish. There's no single answer. It depends on the vegetables you use, what other ingredients it contains and what type of dressing you use.

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Cider Find: Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider

Wine finds

Cider Find: Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider: A departure this week - a cider not a wine - and an American cider at that. I tasted it in Oddbins at the end of a wine tasting and was really blown away by it

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Summer ale cup

Spirits & cocktails

Summer ale cup: A cross between a Pimm’s and a shandy which I concocted a few year's ago for my son Will’s and my book An Appetite for Ale. You'll obviously need to play around with the proportions depending on the fruit cup and the beer you use

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Gosnells mead and honey-smoked chicken

Beer & cider

Gosnells mead and honey-smoked chicken: Every so often someone trumpets a mead revival but it never quite seems to happen, probably because there’s not enough of it about yet.

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