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Bayonne ham tart with garlic (Tarte au Jambon et à l’Ail)


Bayonne ham tart with garlic (Tarte au Jambon et à l’Ail): A great recipe to make for any Bastille Day celebrations you might be having from Pierre Koffmann's fabulous Memories of Gascony, one of my all-time favourite cookbooks, which was reissued in a beautiful edition in 2012.

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64 degrees, Brighton


64 degrees, Brighton: The mark of a ‘good ‘critic, my dad always used to say, is that you agree with them. This certainly applies in the case of the Guardian’s Marina O’Loughlin whose view of what makes a great meal (good simple food, lack of pretention) I totally sign up to.

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10 good wine pairings with paté

Top pairings

10 good wine pairings with paté: And by paté I’m thinking of rough country patés and terrines like a paté de campagne rather than fish patés or vegetarian patés which I’ll tackle separately. The sort that you might take on a picnic or kick off a classically French meal - perfect for the Bastille Day celebrations coming up this weekend!

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Summer ideas for cheese plates


Summer ideas for cheese plates: Despite my passion for cheese I’ve long been a believer that you don’t need to lay on a massive cheese board to enjoy it. You can just as easily (and more cheaply) serve a cheese plate.

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The Pickle House Original Pickle Juice

Spirits & cocktails

The Pickle House Original Pickle Juice: If you’ve ever been to the great Pitt Cue Co in Newburgh Street, Soho you may well have had a drink called a pickleback - a bourbon washed down with a chaser of homemade pickle juice.

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Republika Pilsner: possibly the best lager in Britain?

Beer & cider

Republika Pilsner: possibly the best lager in Britain?: The idea of a Czech-style lager made by a very traditional-sounding British brewery may sound bizarre but this is one of the best lagers - if not the best - I’ve tasted in the UK.

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