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Raspberry and cherry beer jellies


Raspberry and cherry beer jellies: If you're having a late summer barbecue this weekend here is one of the most delicious - and surprising recipes - from my book An Appetite for Ale. I love serving them because no-one has the faintest idea they have beer in them.

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Aron's Jewish Delicatessen - Brooklyn comes to Bristol


Aron's Jewish Delicatessen - Brooklyn comes to Bristol: So it’s not Aaron with two ‘a’s and it’s not a deli but this small, modestly furnished American/Jewish/Hungarian-inspired neighbourhood restaurant is a great addition to the Bristol eating-out scene.

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What to drink with lasagne

Top pairings

What to drink with lasagne : When we talk about lasagne it’s probably the meaty version that’s uppermost in most people’s minds but these days there are many different kinds. Here are my favourite wine pairings:

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What to buy from Lidl's latest French wine selection

Wine finds

What to buy from Lidl's latest French wine selection: As I mentioned in this weekend’s Guardian, Lidl (or leedle as they pronounce it) kicks off its annual French wine promotion next Thursday (September 3rd). You can find my top picks on the Guardian website but here are some other good buys:

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Celtic Promise and cider brandy

Spirits & cocktails

Celtic Promise and cider brandy: The hardest cheeses to match are washed rind cheeses - those stinky, orange rinded ones like Epoisses - but last week I found a new pairing: a 3 year old cider brandy.

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The best wine and beer pairings for pizza

Beer & cider

The best wine and beer pairings for pizza: Should you drink wine or beer with pizza? No rights or wrongs, obviously but here are a few thoughts which might encourage you to experiment.

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