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Lemons filled with tuna cream


Lemons filled with tuna cream: It may feel far from summery in the UK but one can always hope so get yourself into the mood with this lovely recipe from Eleonora Galasso's As the Romans Do.

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Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, Barry


Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, Barry: It’s only in the last few years that barbecue has meant more to us Brits than cheap burgers and undercooked chicken legs. Now even Marks & Spencer has an authentic southern barbecue range

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Wine (and other) pairings for peaches and nectarines

Top pairings

Wine (and other) pairings for peaches and nectarines: Being surrounded by peaches and nectarines at the moment has reminded me what a brilliant match they are for a glass of dessert wine. And, surprisingly, even for a red!

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8 wines to buy from The Wine Society

Drink discoveries

8 wines to buy from The Wine Society: Whatever happens as a result of the Brexit vote, wine prices are bound to rise so if you’re visiting France this summer it’s a good moment to stock up for the months ahead.

Jul 15 Read more

Six food pairings for gin that might surprise you

Spirits & cocktails

Six food pairings for gin that might surprise you: Given the immense popularity of gin the chances of you sitting in a bar downing a gin-based cocktail are pretty high. But at some point you're going to need something to eat so what kind of food can you pair with it?

Jul 21 Read more

Summer ale cup

Beer & cider

Summer ale cup: A cross between a Pimm’s and a shandy which I concocted a few year's ago for my son Will’s and my book An Appetite for Ale. You'll obviously need to play around with the proportions depending on the fruit cup and the beer you use

Jul 15 Read more


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