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Spicy chicken salad


Spicy chicken salad: We normally think of lunchboxes in terms of kids' packed lunches but James Ramsden has come up with this a brilliant book of imaginative dishes you can take to work. Called - appropriately enough - Love your Lunchbox.

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5 fun places to have breakfast in London


5 fun places to have breakfast in London: Have you noticed the number of restaurants which have started offering breakfast - and I don’t just mean a full English? Breakfast seems to have become the new lunch though goodness knows how hard-pressed execs have time to chat over a bacon naan* (see below) before they hit their desks.

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What wine - and other drinks - to pair with cheesecake

Top pairings

What wine - and other drinks - to pair with cheesecake: The most useful clue to the kind of wine that works with cheesecake is to think of the toppings and flavourings that are used in cheesecake recipes - usually something quite tart to accompany the richness and creaminess of the cheese.

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Good wine pairings for Saint-Nectaire


Good wine pairings for Saint-Nectaire : Having spent a few days in the Auvergne recently and eaten more than my fair share of Saint Nectaire cheese with a variety of wines, mostly natural, here’s what I think works best.

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Summer ale cup

Spirits & cocktails

Summer ale cup: A cross between a Pimm’s and a shandy which I concocted a few year's ago for my son Will’s and my book An Appetite for Ale. You'll obviously need to play around with the proportions depending on the fruit cup and the beer you use

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The best wine and beer pairings for mussels/moules

Beer & cider

The best wine and beer pairings for mussels/moules: Just as with every other ingredient the ideal pairing for mussels depends how you cook them.

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