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Buckwheat galettes with spinach béchamel


Buckwheat galettes with spinach béchamel: Although you can find any kind of recipe online these days nothing beats a beautiful cookbook and the new Fern Verrow book by Herefordshire farmers Jane Scotter and Harry Astley is one you're definitely going to want to own.

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Taberna do Mercado, Spitalfields, London


Taberna do Mercado, Spitalfields, London: The hype that accompanies almost every new restaurant launch these days is crazy. We all swarm in, pronounce it the best opening this year then swarm off to the next hotspot.

May 20 Read more

Six of the best matches for Bacchus and other dry English white wines

Top pairings

Six of the best matches for Bacchus and other dry English white wines: It's English Wine Week this week, so what better excuse do you need to try one of the many attractive white wines that are now being produced in the UK? But what sort of food suits them best?

May 27 Read more

Wine of the week: Josmeyer Mise du Printemps 2014

Wine finds

Wine of the week: Josmeyer Mise du Printemps 2014: Who could resist a wine with a label like this at this time of year yet I ordered it before I’d even seen it.

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How to make simple, great cocktails

Spirits & cocktails

How to make simple, great cocktails: You may find the idea of making cocktails daunting but bar consultant Kate Hawkings says it's simply a question of stirring a couple of good ingredients in a glass. Here are four of her current favourites.

May 24 Read more

Cheese and cider matching revisited

Beer & cider

Cheese and cider matching revisited: When you think how well apples go with cheese it’s amazing that cider isn’t the automatic go-to for a cheese board but as we discovered at Cheese School* earlier this month some work better than others with particular styles of cheese.

May 28 Read more


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