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A foolproof cheese fondue


A foolproof cheese fondue: If you’re making a dish as simple as fondue you need to use top quality cheese. Emmental and Gruyère are traditional but once you’ve got the hang of it you can play around with other alternatives.

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Sea Containers at Mondrian: much more fun than it sounds


Sea Containers at Mondrian: much more fun than it sounds: I may have been handicapped by knowing the building previously as an office block but even the name Sea Containers at Mondrian has a corporate ring that makes the heart sink.

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The best wine matches for fishcakes

Top pairings

The best wine matches for fishcakes: Fishcakes are one of the ultimate comfort foods - I remember TV chef Antony Worrall-Thompson saying he could never take them off the menu - but is there an equally comfortable wine pairing?

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Le Chiassaie 2013 vino spumante

Drink of the week

Le Chiassaie 2013 vino spumante: You have to feel sympathy for Italian sparkling wine producers who don’t happen to make prosecco (except possibly those from Franciacorta who manage to charge much the same as champagne).

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Pairing cognac and cheese

Spirits & cocktails

Pairing cognac and cheese: Cognac pairs with chocolate, we all know but what about cheese? Surprisingly there are some standout matches as I discovered when I chaired the cheese workshop at the 2014 International Cognac Summit in France last year.

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Which beers are best for Burns’ Night?

Beer & cider

Which beers are best for Burns’ Night?: Although we naturally think of drinking whisky on Burns’ Night, beer is just as appropriate a pairing, especially for haggis. And with Scottish beers like Brewdog and Innis & Gunn in wide distribution it’s not too hard to find a homegrown one.

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