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New York sweet cranberry mustard


New York sweet cranberry mustard: A delicious relish to serve with the Thanksgiving leftovers or to bookmark for Christmas from Diana Henry's Salt, Sugar, Smoke. It keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

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Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road: is it really worth 10/10?


Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road: is it really worth 10/10?: I don’t envy Gordon Ramsay - or rather his head chef Clare Smyth - the 10/10 rating they received in this year’s Good Food Guide. It makes people like me think ‘Ha! I wonder if they’re really worth it?’ and book to find out.

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The best food pairings for rioja

Top pairings

The best food pairings for rioja: Rioja - and by that I mean red rioja - is one of the UK's best-loved wines and one of the easiest ones to match with food too.

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Tesco finest* Swartland Shiraz Bag-in-Box

Drink of the week

Tesco finest* Swartland Shiraz Bag-in-Box: I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve recommended Tesco’s juicy, vibrant ‘finest’ Swartland Shiraz but now it’s appeared in bag-in-box format which makes it even more versatile.

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Hawksmoor's Marmalade Cocktail

Spirits & cocktails

Hawksmoor's Marmalade Cocktail: Unless you've been living in outer Mongolia you can't fail to be aware that the Paddington movie goes on release today. Cue for a marmalade cocktail!

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Duck and waffle and saison beer

Beer & cider

Duck and waffle and saison beer: Unusually this week’s match is speculative - an imagined pairing rather than an actual one.

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