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How to cook grouse


How to cook grouse: You might not have wanted to pay the £20-odd a bird it costs to source grouse on the first day of the season but prices will come down over the next couple of weeks and it's a great treat for a small dinner party. If you haven't cooked grouse before try this reassuringly simple recipe from chef Stephen Markwick with whom I collaborated on his book A Well-Run Kitchen

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Where to eat in Bristol in 2014 UPDATED


Where to eat in Bristol in 2014 UPDATED: I used to get asked so often where the best places were to eat in my home town of Bristol I finally got round to drawing one up back in March. Here's an updated version. (August 2014)

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The best wine matches for Manchego, Berkswell and other hard sheep cheeses

Top pairings

The best wine matches for Manchego, Berkswell and other hard sheep cheeses: Hard sheep’s cheese - especially mature cheeses - are the winelover’s friend. Nutty, tangy and savoury, they show off a good red like no other cheese which makes them a great choice if you’ve picked a serious wine with your main course.

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Can any wine stand up to Stinking Bishop?


Can any wine stand up to Stinking Bishop?: We Brits don’t have a long tradition of washed-rind cheeses but we have a true champion in the aptly named Stinking Bishop, which shot to worldwide fame when it was featured in the film Wallace and Gromit and the Were-Rabbit. But can any wine (or other drink) stand up to it? Read on . . .

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RinQuinQuin à la pêche

Spirits & cocktails

RinQuinQuin à la pêche: I love old-fashioned French aperitifs but the name of this Provençal one makes it doubly irresistible. And the peach flavour makes it perfect for this time of year.

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Mutiny on the Beagle IPA

Beer & cider

Mutiny on the Beagle IPA: With its own university brewing department (at Heriot Watt) Edinburgh is very much a beer-drinking city so it seems appropriate after spending a few days there this week that my drink of the week should be a beer

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