5 reasons | 5 reasons to cut down your drinking with Bax Botanics

5 reasons

5 reasons to cut down your drinking with Bax Botanics

”Many people don’t see the point of an alcohol-free version of their favourite drink, but we all deserve a treat sometimes and it's better if we don’t drift into a dependence on alcohol" writes Bax Botanics founder Rose Bax. "This isn’t a time to be putting any extra strain on our bodies or our minds."

"There are alternatives out there now that are great tasting and actually give the feeling of having an adult drink.”

1. We created our alcohol-free spirit Bax Botanics to bring something truly delicious to people who want to keep off alcohol and enjoy something sophisticated and complex. These relaxing drinks keep you in good spirits using flavour, not alcohol or sugar: you get the oooooh at the end of the day and don’t have a thick head afterwards!

2. An alcohol-free spirit is a drink distilled from water using the same method as an alcoholic spirit i.e. vodka, gin, or whisky, but it is made using water that does not contain any alcohol. We filter our water to remove any microscopic baddies and then, as it is distilled, the drink is flavoured with the botanical ingredients specific to its recipe.

3. We distil two flavours traditionally using organic botanicals.

* If you want a bright summer herbal choose ‘Verbena’. This serve is close to a refreshingly dry G&T

* For a rich, bittersweet distillation go for ‘Sea Buckthorn’ This serve is decadent and relaxing. (This is my own favourite FB)

4. Our small business launched in January 2019 into an emerging sector. We’re now trying to overcome bars closing and the retail demand for alcohol as opposed to alcohol-free. The future will be tough, but our amazing drinks are loved by the people who have decided to drink less alcohol, and we have faith that this sector will grow.

4. You can buy from us on-line from www.baxbotanics.com with free delivery on 500ml bottles until mid-April. Just use voucher FD2020 at the checkout.

Follow us @baxbotanics on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you! Rose and Chris.

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