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5 reasons

5 Reasons to buy from Art House Wine

Italy has been one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19 so here’s a way of supporting one of the small importers of Italian wines from “hidden cantinas who produce wine that until now has only been drunk by the Italians themselves”.

Here are 5 reasons to buy from them from co-owner Dario Planese

1 We only sell organic Italian wine that we have personally tasted and fallen in love with - usually at the vineyard with the family over lunch. Many are produced from indigenous varieties such as schiava and turbiana.

2 We love all things Italian and through our website we share the spirit of Italy and spread some Dolce Vita.

3 Loving Italian wine is loving life itself.

4 We are a small business - our customers are everything. Building our business is like constructing good lasagne: complex, slow, layered, tricky but so worth doing. Expect the best!

5 We are currently offering 10% off all our wines with coupon code BALCONIES on our website arthousewine.co.uk

The image is of wines from Inserrata vineyard https://www.arthousewine.co.uk/inserrata-wines.html in Tuscany where they produce their wine biodynamically; we have the red 100% Merlot, rose 100% Sangiovese and white 100% Chardonnay. They're fab labels, aren't they? You could be drinking alone but feel like you're with a friendly face - perfect for self-isolation!

5 Reasons is a free platform for small food and drink producers, importers and retailers to talk about what they do. See What is 5 Reasons all about? for a fuller explanation.

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