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5 reasons

5 reasons to drink York gin

So the first company to step up to the open mic slot is York gin in York. Here are the 5 reasons they say you should seek them out:

1. We’re inspired by York’s 2,000 years of history, and gin’s hundreds of years of traditions - Romans, ghosts, outlaws, distillation methods, amazing botanicals … and historic cats.

(The cat on our label is inspired by Rutterkin, a ‘swaggering gallant’ of a puss from the 17th Century.)

2. We banned cheesy Christmas tunes (anything after the 1960s) from our 16th Century gin shop last year – meaning Slade, Cliff, etc were off the playlist - and caused an international media sensation.

We only did it because modern tracks sounded weird in such an old building!

3. When we decided to make an Old Tom gin, we realised we needed a professional kitchen to make its sugar syrup.
So – as you do - we asked a Michelin-starred restaurant (the Star Inn at Harome) if they’d make it. They agreed and It’s now one of the world’s best Old Toms.

4. Professor Mary Beard kindly checked the Latin for our Roman Fruit gin’s motto – ‘Veni, Vidi, Bibi’ (‘I came, I saw, I drank’).
She now loves a Roman Fruit Negroni. And we love her.

5. We make five gins - four have won awards; the fifth (our ghost-inspired York Gin Grey Lady) hasn’t entered any yet!

You can buy them direct from the website yorkgin.com

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Val Illingworth on March 27 2020 at 17:05

I am fortunate enough to live near York so I am able to keep myself supplied with the excellent Old Tom Gin. This is one of my favourite gins, I always like to buy local products. The Gin Shop in York is a fantastic shop with lots of gin related products, as well as the bottles of gin, with very friendly, well informed staff who are keen to let you know everything about (and taste) the wonderful York Gin. I also love the cat on the label !!!!
Keep up the good work. xxxx

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