5 reasons |  5 Reasons to buy Paso-Primero wines

5 reasons

5 Reasons to buy Paso-Primero wines

Paso-Primero is a small family-run company making award-winning wines in the Spanish Pyrenees. Coming from Shrewsbury in Shropshire we might not have expected to fall into the wine industry but since discovering it we’ve definitely made the most of our opportunities.

Paso-Primero roughly translates as ‘First-Step’. After working in NZ and Canada, this was our first wine under our own label and in our own style. It has sort of taken off from there really and everything comes back to ‘Paso’. Our vintage lead series of one off wines is called Paso-Prima, our showpiece wine is Pasotismo and our vermouth is Paso-Vermú.

The ladder logo came easily when we had chosen the name but the bird on the first rung is a bit special to us. It’s a wren which can be found in our hometown of Shrewsbury and Somontano where we make the wines. A little nod to where we’ve come from and where we’ve gone.

What we don't have in wealthy benefactors or family estates we more than make up for with a huge amount of passion for what we do. Check out one of our case deals on www.paso-primero.com and see how we’ve achieved that dream.

5 reasons to buy from us:

- You get award winning wines at table-friendly prices.

- We make fruit-forward, approachable, pass-me-another-glass wines which are bright, fresh, young and proud of it!

- You will be supporting a small family business.

- We have exclusive case rates and and can make bespoke orders tailored to suit your tastes.

- Buying direct from the producer means the person who made the wine is packing your case, plus your money goes further!

All of our wines are available on our website and some of our merchants are still selling too including Tanners, Whalley, Country Wines, Vinotopia and Kelder.

You can find us at www.paso-primero.com and @paso-primero on Twitter and @pasoprimero on instagram. Contact us at info@paso-primero.com

And maybe a sixth reason . . . They didn't mention it in their post but Tom and Emma also had to contend with the horrendous floods in Shrewsbury earlier in this year. "Being Shropshire locals we sell most of our wine in the county so we took a hefty blow with the floods and some businesses we work with opened for barely a day before shutting again" says Tom. "Nobody has had a good run but it does feel like we have our fair share to get through in 2020. We launched the business six months before the Brexit vote though so we’re used to dealing with chaos! "

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