Recipes | Max’s (well, actually Felicity’s) chocolate pots


Max’s (well, actually Felicity’s) chocolate pots

One of the things that’s compensated for not being able to go to restaurants, as I explained here, is cooking with friends on Zoom.

With one of the groups I hang out with, however, we all cook individually but choose a theme. Last week it was French bistro food a tribute to Bar Buvette, a much-loved Bristol natural wine bar and restaurant that closed last year and which we all very much miss.

They used to have an absolutely awesome chocolate mousse on the menu which a number of us recreated. We thought it came from Max (Ososki) the owner but turns out it was my Guardian colleague Felicity Cloake’s.

Here’s Max’s version as written on a scrap of paper. You can find Felicity’s version, with an account of why she made it that way, on the Guardian website.

Max's chocolate pots (before we discovered they were Felicity's)

Serves 6

250ml whipping cream

100ml whole milk

150g dark 70% chocolate

40g dark muscovado sugar

3 fresh organic egg yolks

Simmer cream and milk

Add choc to cream/milk

Let sit for a minute then whisk vigorously until mixed

Leave to cool for about 10 minutes

Whisk yolks and sugar until voluminous

Pour chocolate over yolks and sugar and mix in well

Pour into coffee cups or ramekins, tapping each one to remove air bubbles

Cover and refrigerate

Serve with creme fraiche

So you see, really easy. And insanely delicious. Trust me.

What to drink: I know I’m an advocate of pairing wine with everything but honestly I wouldn’t in this case. Maybe a black coffee. Or a brandy if you’re feeling particularly indulgent.

Max and her partner Peter Taylor run the wonderful Auberge de Chassignolles in the Auvergne which hopefully will be up and running again before too long.

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