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A stylishly presented alternative cheese board

We tend to get stuck in a bit of a groove when it comes to serving cheese, picking five or six and serving them on a big cheeseboard but if you’re serious about trying to find a good wine match that isn’t the best strategy.

Almost certainly the blues, any washed rinded cheese such as Munster or Epoisses or a mature Camembert or Brie will pose problems for the wine you’re drinking, particularly if it’s a red.

One answer is to limit your selection to two or three cheeses of a similar type as our local tapas bar did the other day (right). This is a red wine-friendly selection of a medium-matured goats' cheese and two hard Spanish sheep's cheeses none of which caused our accompanying glass of Rioja any problems.

Note the other nice aspects of the presentation. The cheese is arranged on a varnished slice of wood which gives the 'board' an appealingly rustic look and accompanied by crisp flat bread rather than crusty bread which makes it lighter and more digestible at the end of a heavy meal. Very stylish!

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