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Kate Goodman: the new Jilly Goolden

The reaction of many people to the news that the new BBC Food & Drink show was to be co-hosted by Kate Goodman would have been Kate who? I confess it was mine.

You might have expected one of the up and coming young wine writers to be standing alongside Michel Roux when the show relaunches next month. Instead it will be a 38 year old wine merchant from Manchester.

So before she goes on air what can we find out about her?

* She's much more down to earth than Jilly Goolden - there’s that friendly northern accent for a start and no flowery language. A Portuguese red is simply described as ‘an elegant red from the Dao region'. No wheelbarrows full of ugli fruit for Kate, clearly.

* She runs her own wine business Reserve Wines in West Didsbury

* According to her website her 'wine heaven' is Côte Rôtie and "the Northern Rhone in general especiall opulent Viogniers and Grenache". And her wine hell is Cava (it'll be interesting to see if she finds one to recommend!)

* Very good news, this: She’s a real enthusiast for food and drink matching - not just wine. Her recommendations include soft drinks and tea too. In the first programme she suggests spiced apple juice and cider with Michel's roast pork and crackling. I'm certainly with her on that. You can read about her philosophy of food and wine matching here

* She’s married to a digital entrepreneur and publisher called Kenny (how do I know this? A bit of detective work on Twitter ;-) And has a 17 month old daughter called Lottie (this I discover from the February issue of BBC Good Food)

Want to catch a glimpse of her? Check out this clip from the BBC Breakfast show or tune into Reservewines YouTube channel to see her in action a couple of years ago. Maybe more Gary Vaynerchuk than Jilly Goolden and just look what happened to him . . .


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Comments: 9 (Add)

Misty on August 18 2014 at 21:08

Mary Nolan - I am with you. I thought she looked so much like Esther Ranzen that I even Googled it to find out if she was her daughter. I can't believe that she isn't related to her at all - the likeness is uncanny.

sandra L-L on July 25 2014 at 19:53

Resemblance to Esther Rantzen? I think she looks like Science bod Gabrielle Walker!

Mary Nolan on July 19 2014 at 12:14

Does anyone see the remarkable resemblance to Esther Ranzen??

Phil Waller on February 6 2013 at 16:02

Thanks for the Red wine info, Please advise on the white and the Cider.
Extemely poor decision by the BBC having double standards.
I bet it left a lot of people very frustrated at the end not knowing the drink info. Wake up beeb. If too late for the remainding shows at least post info on the website

Fiona Beckett on February 5 2013 at 19:06

I didn't realise they weren't going to E. Whelpton - it does seem strange when Saturday Kitchen does it. It would be more useful I agree. Thanks for letting us know what the red was Danny.

The Reserve Wines site seems fine now - maybe a temporary blip?

Danny C on February 5 2013 at 12:45

The red Dao was Quinta dos Roques, which we import and is fairly readily available from many good wine merchants around the UK

E Whelpton on February 5 2013 at 11:43

Why not give us where to buy the wines and drinks recommended. The old food and drink programme did, andso does the present Saturday Kitchen. No point on on telling us the region and country particularly without giving us some idea where we can purchase and how much it costs.

Scott Stevens on February 4 2013 at 21:52

a couple of points - one is, further to the existing question, I'm sure the old F+D used to recommend specific wines, as opposed to a mosel Riesling, say
Reserve wines' site seems to crash when I try and use it

T Ryan on February 4 2013 at 20:55

Watching BBC now- what's the Portuguese red from the dao region she is using?

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