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Cheeseboard ideas for Hallowe'en

If you're hosting a Hallowe'en supper this week and wondering what to put on the cheeseboard, here are a few suggestions.

Hallowe'en's all about kitsch so I would certainly colour-theme my board. It would have to be largely orange as there aren't many black cheeses though you could serve one of those black wax coated cheddars if you could find one. And some ready-to-eat prunes and charcoal biscuits on the side!

Perfect candidates for orange cheeses would be Mimolette, a very good dark orange-coloured cheese from Northern France, a washed rind cheese such as Epoisses or Stinking Bishop (the idea of a stinky cheese seems particularly suitable for Hallowe'en, I feel) and Red Leicester from England

There are even 'orange' wines nowadays that you could serve with them. These are white wines that are made in a similar way to red leaving the juice in contact with the skins which creates a rich yellow to orange colour. If their slightly quirky quince-like taste is not for you go for a dark Late Bottled Vintage port or a stout or pumpkin ale.

This post was originally published on my former cheese blog The Cheeselover.

Photo © photosimysia at Adobe Stock.

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