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Top pairings

The best wine and beer pairings for mussels/moules

Just as with every other ingredient the ideal pairing for mussels depends how you cook them, starting with the classic moules marinières.

  • Moules marinières is made with a dry white wine such as Muscadet so you might as well drink the same wine with them. Picpoul de Pinet would be equally good or you could try a dry Alsace Riesling
  • If you cook them with witbier/bière blanche as they often do in Belgium, again drink the same beer with them. Witbiers like Hoegaarden are cracking with moules.
  • Mussels cooked Thai style with coconut, lime and coriander also go well with witbier or try a Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Gris or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Mussels topped and baked with garlic and breadcrumbs suit a crisp dry white like a Pinot Grigio or other Italian white but an unoaked Chardonnay or fruity Sauvignon Blanc such as Sauvignon de Touraine will match well too.
  • If they’re stuffed with sausagemeat, as they often are in the south of France where they’re known as moules farcies, and served with a rich tomato sauce you’ll find an inexpensive Languedoc red or strong southern French or Spanish rosé will probably be a better match than a white.
  • With mussel and saffron - or curry - soup (mouclade), try an oaked white Bergerac or Bordeaux or a Viognier.

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Patrick Carpenter on February 27 2021 at 11:18

Down here in south of France I normally go for Picpoul de Pinet as you suggest (indeed, the mussel vendor sells this very wine, and only that!) but last night a Marlborough Sauvignon did the trick (DogPoint 2018).... I will spice the mussels up Thai-style another time though getting local guests to eat mussels with coconut, lime and coriander will be a challenge.... not to mention the shock of screw cap NZ Sauvignon to drink!

J on May 2 2018 at 01:03

I think a pint of Stella is the best combo with a side of fries.

Karen boyd on January 20 2016 at 19:33

Here in County Down Northern Ireland we enjoy are Dundrum Bay mussels with our fully dry local Irish Kilmegan Cider.A perfect combination.

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