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6 of the best matches for Brie

6 of the best matches for Brie

One of the world's most popular cheeses Brie can be mild and slightly chalky or decadently gooey and quite strong in flavour. Try one of these top wine and other matches:

* Fruity reds such as New Zealand or Chilean Pinot Noir. (More mature Bries will need more powerful structured wines such as those from Central Otago.) Or try a fruity (but not too tannic) Merlot or a ripe 'cru' Beaujolais from a good vintage like 2009.

* A fruity dry rosé

* A creamy, subtly oaked Chardonnay

* A blanc de blancs Champagne or Chardonnay-based sparkling wine

* A cherry or raspberry-flavoured fruit beer (Kriek and Frambozen)

* Guignolet (a cherry-flavoured French aperitif)

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Urvashi on August 27 2013 at 17:42

Thanks for this post. We love Brie and it's the preferred late night nibble but we always disagre on what to drink with it usually opting for a white rioja but I shall try the above!



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