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6 of the best drink pairings for Brie

One of the world's most popular cheeses, Brie can be mild and slightly chalky or decadently gooey and quite strong in flavour. The best wine pairing for brie will depend on the maturity of the cheese. And wine isn't the only drink Brie works with. Here are my six favourites - feel free to share yours in the comments: 

Six top drink pairings for Brie

* Fruity reds such as New Zealand or Chilean Pinot Noir. (More mature Bries will need more powerful structured wines such as those from Central Otago.) Or try a fruity (but not too tannic) Merlot or a ripe 'cru' Beaujolais from a good vintage such as 2017.

* A fruity dry rosé - lovely on a picnic

* A creamy, subtly oaked chardonnay - even a posh white burgundy!

* A blanc de blancs champagne or chardonnay-based sparkling wine

* A cherry or raspberry-flavoured fruit beer (Kriek or Frambozen), particularly when the brie is accompanied by fresh cherries.

* Guignolet (a cherry-flavoured French aperitif) by the same logic.

Your Brie questions answered:

How does the ripeness of the Brie affect its compatibility with different types of drinks?

The ripeness of Brie significantly influences its pairing with drinks. As Brie matures, its flavors become more pronounced and rich, demanding stronger drinks to balance the intensity. A mature Brie might pair better with a robust red wine or a complex beer, contrasting with the lighter pairings suitable for a younger, milder Brie. See how different styles of brie (e.g. Brie de Meaux vs Cotswolds Brie) stacked up against different types of wine.

How does the texture of Brie change with different pairings, and how should this influence the choice of drink?

The texture of Brie can significantly affect and be influenced by drink pairings. Creamy, soft Brie might pair well with smooth, velvety wines, enhancing the cheese's buttery texture, while a firmer Brie could stand up to more robust, textured beverages like full-bodied reds or hearty ales, creating a balanced sensory experience.

How do accompaniments like fruits or nuts affect the choice of drink pairing with Brie?

When adding accompaniments like fruits or nuts to Brie, the pairing dynamics can change. The sweetness of fruit might call for a lighter, more aromatic wine to complement the cheese and fruit flavors, while the earthiness of nuts could align better with a richer, more robust drink. These additions introduce new layers of flavor that can enhance or contrast with Brie, offering a more complex pairing experience. Learn more in this post: Pairing wine with cheese: 6 ways to do it better

Are there any non-alcoholic pairings recommended for those who do not consume alcohol but still want to enjoy the full flavor profile of Brie?

For non-alcoholic pairings, one could consider beverages that offer a similar complexity and flavor profile to the suggested alcoholic options. Sparkling apple cider, non-alcoholic wines, or even a rich grape juice could complement the creaminess and texture of Brie, providing a sophisticated tasting experience without alcohol. 

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tim on February 2 2024 at 13:07

Cider. Proper Normandy cider 100% pur jus and most definitively not a pretend cyder (strongbow, magners etc) - this cuts riht through the ammonia notes with mature runny Brie.

I wonder if a young Chenin Blanc would work... green apple notes, some sweetness and creamy texture.

Martha on August 15 2018 at 13:36

What would you say to serving a flavoured beer with a cheese course followed by berry cream birthday cake

Urvashi on August 27 2013 at 17:42

Thanks for this post. We love Brie and it's the preferred late night nibble but we always disagre on what to drink with it usually opting for a white rioja but I shall try the above!

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