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Wine (and other) pairings for Welsh recipes

Tomorrow is St David’s Day - cue for the media to roll out its annual selection of Welsh recipes. Wales produces its own wine, beer and even whisky so what should you drink?

Glamorgan Sausages
Not sausages in the normal sense of the word, more like melted cheese rissoles (delicious, actually). Given the mildness of the cheese (Caerphilly) and leeks a white would go better than a red so why not try a Welsh wine if you can get your hands on one? (There’s a list here) Other crisp dry whites or an unoaked chardonnay or Chenin Blanc would also work well.

Cockle and Smoked Bacon Pie
Again I would class this is a white wine dish and again Chardonnay would hit the spot, though with the pastry it could afford to be a fuller-bodied, oak-aged example. But actually what I’d really fancy is a golden ale or cider. Here are the recent Welsh champion beers to choose from and the site of the Welsh Perry and Cider Society

Basically a Welsh version of an Irish stew - a simple dish of lamb and root vegetables. (You can find my version here) A natural for a pale ale or a cider (see above)

Roast loin and braised shoulder of Welsh salt marsh lamb with caper jus
A modern Welsh dish from Great British menu contestant Bryn Williams made with lamb from the salt marshes (see above). Despite the light sauce I'd go for a classic red - a mid-priced red Bordeaux, Rioja reserva or Chianti Classico

Monmouth pudding
What seems to be a Welsh spin - traditional or not, I don’t know - on Queen of Puddings. Although warm (which can make a wine match harder) it’s served with vanilla icecream which will bring the temperature down so any sweet wine with good acidity should work. Try a late harvest riesling.

And what about that Welsh whisky? Well you could try it with a good Welsh cheddar like Hafod or with a slice of Bara Brith, the traditional Welsh fruited bread.

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