Match of the week | Welsh rarebit and a glass of organic milk

Match of the week

Welsh rarebit and a glass of organic milk

This week's pairing is for all those of you who are having a dry January this month (although here’s why I’m not).

You may think of milk as a kids' drink, especially with food but actually it can be delicious with certain foods especially biscuits (think of that all-American treat milk and cookies), boiled eggs and, as I discovered last week, Welsh rarebit.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the dish it’s basically cheese on toast. Grated cheddar, mixed with a little milk or beer and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, spread over toast and flashed under the grill until it’s golden and bubbling*.

The milk makes a smooth creamy accompaniment and one which makes total sense when you think about it. It heightens and complements the flavour of the dish just as it would if you were drinking the wine you had used in a sauce or a stew. I do urge you to use organic milk though which has a much better flavour. It doesn’t really matter if it’s full cream (whole) milk or semi-skimmed which is what I used. Up to you.

I grant you beer (a good British bitter) is the more conventional pairing but if you’re not drinking at the moment - or generally - milk will hit the spot.

*There are, of course, many versions. Other cheeses than cheddar, mustard instead of Worcestershire sauce etc, etc ...

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