Match of the week | Vegetable Thali and Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale

Match of the week

Vegetable Thali and Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale

Where I live in Bristol we’re lucky to have an unusually good Indian restaurant called Thali Café, that sells sophisticated street food which you can take away in your own tiffin box. I’m addicted to the vegetable-based ‘Dairy Free Tiffin’ which is light, fresh and aromatic and was wondering what to drink with it when I picked up a bottle of Tire Bite Golden Ale from the excellent Flying Dog brewery.

Described on the site as ‘a refreshing, light, warm weather slammer with a flavorful hop edge’ it’s sweeter than a British ale - as is typical of American beers. Hops are always good with a curry but I think it went particularly well with the coconut in the Thoran and mild vegetable curry underlining that different beers suit different types of Indian food.

They also suggest pairing it on the website with wings, seafood, salad, spicy Asian food and pasta with cream sauce - a suggestion that comes from a site called which seems to have some kind of tie-up with Flying Dog, encouraging people to host their own 'Dog' beer dinner. There are some useful recipe ideas on the site too.

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Michael on November 25 2012 at 00:54

I'm in! Started yesterday and have so many ideas! I'm ralely excited and a little bit obsessed already. I can't stop checking twitter (more than usual) and reading everyone's posts. I've already commented on two posts today. This is going to be one prolific month!

drsvuyvihfr on November 24 2012 at 15:12

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Mateen on November 24 2012 at 08:22

The accident of finding this post has brighetned my day

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