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San Pellegrino and seafood

Like most wine-lovers, I suspect, I’ve made a new year’s resolution to drink rather less after the excesses of Christmas and the New Year. I’m not a big fan of sweetened fruit juices so my drink of choice at the moment, with meals and in between, is sparkling mineral water.

Actually it’s not such a penance as what I feel like eating is fresh, clean tasting food such as shellfish, lightly grilled fish, salads, steamed vegetables and light, Asian-style broths and noodle dishes. Most of these pair as well with water as wine, if truth be told.

I’m always surprised how different mineral waters taste: some, such as Badoit really seem to me unpleasantly salty but I know that appeals to some people. My youngest son who doesn’t drink at all is a Perrier fan. I marginally prefer San Pellegrino which isn’t quite as fizzy and which I think goes really well with the oysters and other seafood to which we’re treating ourselves down in the south of France at the moment.

Whatever your preferred brand you can make both bottled and tap water taste and look a lot more palatable if you chill it and serve it in a nice glass with ice (though not so much that it sets your teeth on edge) and a slice of lemon or lime. (The latter’s really good with light Asian-style salads, I find)

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