Match of the week | Roast venison and madeira

Match of the week

Roast venison and madeira

It was a tough call coming up with a single wine pairing last week - there were so many good ones but I’m going for this combination because it’s such a cool serving suggestion.

It was at a very glitzy event hosted by Marks & Spencer and themed around clementines (featured in this course as clementine steamed dumplings though I don’t think this had a huge effect on the match)

The venison was served with a glass of madeira which I’m guessing was probably this 5 year old medium rich then a beefy stock was poured into the empty glass. (Nice idea though I don’t think it picked up quite enough madeira flavour. I think you’d want to leave half a shot in the glass to get the full effect - or make the ‘tea’ with a good slug of madeira in it.)

I also reckon it would lend itself well to roast beef. A bit like drinking a savoury hot toddy. (As an alternative to gravy rather than with it)

* Sorry about the pic. The very jazzy lighting effects meant that the original was bright pink!

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Fiona Beckett on December 12 2015 at 21:14

So it was really a drink in two halves. First a glass of madeira then a stock poured into the empty madeira glass to pick up the madeira flavour. Am saying it would have been worth leaving a little more madeira in the glass

Jlarkin on December 12 2015 at 17:58

Don't quire understand the bit about the glass....

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