Match of the week | Miso-glazed cabbage and orange wine

Match of the week

Miso-glazed cabbage and orange wine

The way things are looking I don’t imagine there will be many standout matches of the week over the forthcoming months given that I’m out and about much less than normal. But this one, from Trivet in Bermondsey last week is truly excellent.

I went there for a (very) late lunch after a nearby tasting and sat at the bar where they do an all day menu that’s really quite serious. Proper food not just snacks of which one dish was this incredibly clever miso-glazed cabbage on skewers, cut to look like a kebab. It really was insanely delicious - sweet, savoury, deeply umami - and went perfectly with a gorgeously aromatic glass of Greek orange wine - the 2016 Domaine Tatsis Malagouzia. (There were also some very good grilled chicken wings alongside with which it also rubbed along happily.)

Trivet is run by two Heston Blumenthal alumni, chef Jonny Lake and sommelier Isa Bal who worked together at Fat Duck. While we can still get to restaurants in London I really suggest you go there - the wine list is also amazing. It’s at 36 Snowsfields, just near London Bridge.

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Fiona Beckett on March 23 2020 at 09:32

Sorry, missed this, Nick but yes, great idea! Will definitely bear it in mind

Nick Brett on March 17 2020 at 22:12

Might be a while before I can get there obviously but it’s definitely going on my list.
Maybe, if you are travelling less and suggesting fewer pairings, you could educate us a little. For one, I would love to understand wine awards a little better. Which ones are truly independent and which ones are just meaningless “trade” awards? Which ones should we really take notice of? And when a wine gets a “score” at what score should we really take notice?
These sorts of things will help improve our knowledge in anticipation of a return to normality!

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