Match of the week | Blood orange and chocolate with Highland Park 12

Match of the week

Blood orange and chocolate with Highland Park 12

It’s not often I come across such a good dessert pairing, let alone one with whisky but here’s a stellar one from L Mulligan Grocer in Dublin which offers whisky pairings with all its desserts

The one we chose was called simply 'blood orange and chocolate'. It was actually quite a complex and sophisticated combination of candied slices of blood orange, a very short, crumbly ‘double’ chocolate shortcake, dark chocolate mousse, bitter orange purée, oatmeal praline and sea salt caramel.

The whisky they paired with it was a rich-tasting, spicy Highland Park 12 which you’d have thought would be way too strong for it but was actually spot on - one of those comparatively rare combinations where each element of the partnership - food and drink - enhances the other. The bitterness of the orange, I think, particularly helped bringing out a fruity, almost orangey element in the whisky.

It goes to show there’s more potential in pairing whisky with food than most imagine.

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Fiona Beckett on March 19 2015 at 06:44

Sure, Michael so long as you mention the site. Thankyou for asking permission. If you want a clearer version email me. Email in contact details.

Michael Nagy on March 18 2015 at 21:20


My name is Michael Nagy and I am a featured writer for Chilled Magazine and I am doing a story on scotch and desserts and was wondering if could get permission to use your orange chocolate photo from the post for my story...Photo credit will be give...Please let me know...Thank you, Michael

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