Match of the week | “A few glasses of wine and lots of rubbish food”

Match of the week

“A few glasses of wine and lots of rubbish food”

What to recommend as my match of the week in this astonishing week for British sport, and especially athletics? Well, what else but Jessica Ennis' post-event treat of “a few glasses of wine and lots of rubbish food”!

For many of us, of course, that’s the norm rather than the exception from a highly disciplined training regime - well, maybe we’re healthier than that but I doubt most of you subsist on energy bars and bananas, as Jessica reputedly does

I’ve been unable to find out exactly what JE does drink but I’m guessing as a young wine drinker it’s going to be something like Pinot Grigio, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or rosé - all versatile wines to accompany a spot of hard-core snacking

Or, as she used to work in Pizza Hut, maybe a glass of Sicilian red or a ripe fruity Merlot would hit the spot?

If she fancies a burger she could always crack open a bottle of classed growth claret as recommended in this feature I wrote for Decanter on fine wine and fast food: she should certainly be able to afford it after last weekend but sounds like she’d settle for something a good deal more modest than that.

So perhaps she’s just going to put her feet up in front of the telly and watch the rest of the week’s events with a large tub of popcorn and a glass of prosecco. Or, better still, celebrate with a bottle of English sparkling wine like Nyetimber or Ridgeview Cuvée Merrett (both currently on offer at Waitrose at £22.49 and £17.99 respectively). And also very good with chips ;-)

If you'd just won an Olympic gold medal how would you celebrate?

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