Cocktails | The Hanky Panky: the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail.


The Hanky Panky: the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail.

We asked our mixologist friends Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller of Mixellany to come up with the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail. This is it.

"Thanksgiving is a time of traditions and classics, and there's no better classic cocktail for the day than the Hanky Panky." says Jared.

"Created by Ada Coleman, head bartender of The Savoy's American bar in the '10s and '20s, it is a fusion of cocktail, aperitif and digestif -- the perfect drink to pair with a heavy meal.

It was made for and named by actor Charles Hawtrey, who arrived late one evening and asked for "something with a bit of punch in it." When he tasted the drink, he remarked, "By Jove, that is the real hanky panky!"

Hanky Panky

40ml London dry gin (we use Sipsmith)

40ml sweet vermouth

2 generous dashes Fernet Branca

Combine ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker (this drink may also be stirred if you prefer). Shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

Photograph © Jared Brown.

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A Different Steve on February 1 2017 at 00:14

So, basically an Artillery with Fernet Branca? I could dig that.

Fiona Beckett on November 22 2014 at 08:20

Had a moment's panic there (never like being accused of sloppiness) but couldn't believe Jared would have misled us ;-) Gratified, as you say, Steve, that you scan the site so carefully!

Jared Brown on November 21 2014 at 23:06

I was about to answer when you got there on your own. Yes, it was Sir Charles Hawtrey, born 1858, rather than the one of Carry On fame who borrowed his name.

Steve on November 21 2014 at 22:47

Or perhaps you mean Charles Hawtrey actor,1858 to 1923 and not Charles Hawtrey actor, 1914 to 1988. Oh, well, at least it shows I read it

Steve on November 21 2014 at 22:37

Look, I quite like this site, I visit regularly, but Charles Hawtrey was 15 years old in 1930, by which time, apparently, he had consumed and named this cocktail ............. some years after it was created ............??
I know it's only the internet, but really, this is not good enough is it? Fiona, you write for the Guardian .....!! Surely you can do better!

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