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Hawksmoor's Bloodhound

A deliciously fruity but simple cocktail from Hawksmoor at Home that makes use of in-season raspberries.

Hugh Gott writes: "This precursor to the modern fresh-fruit ‘Martini’ (which usually only share the glass they’re served in with their namesake) started life in the American South in the first years of the twentieth century. During Prohibition it was brought over to London, apparently by the 9th Duke of Manchester, and soon became a hit amongst locals and expats at Ciro’s Club where Harry MacElhone was tending bar.

Harry had a colourful career. He probably perfected this drink (the earlier American version was nowhere near as good) and had a hand in creating the Sidecar and the French 75. After leaving Ciro’s he ran Harry’s New York bar in Paris where he founded the Paris Barflies, ‘a secret organisation devoted to the uplift and downfall of serious drinkers’ (Spirituous Journey II, Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller, 2009)."

serves 1

50ml good gin, such as Beefeater

25ml sweet (red) vermouth

25ml dry vermouth

6 raspberries

a dash of sugar syrup

Shake all the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, and double strain (through a Hawthorne and a tea strainer) into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish by floating a raspberry on the surface of the drink.

Food match: I'm a bit stuck on this one, I must confess. I'm actually thinking posh handmade white chocolates though you'd probably want to kick off an evening with this rather than end it with one. Some kind of smoked duck canapé, maybe. Any thoughts?

From Hawksmoor at Home. Photo © Dan Lepard.

Declaration of interest: my son, Will, jointly owns Hawksmoor and I helped with the book!

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