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Summer ale cup

Summer ale cup

A cross between a Pimm’s and a shandy which I concocted a few year's ago for my son Will’s and my book An Appetite for Ale. You'll obviously need to play around with the proportions depending on the fruit cup and the beer you use

Makes 4-6 glasses

250ml fruit cup, chilled - I originally used Plymouth but Sipsmith is good and Aldi does a cheap one called Austin’s for £5.99 it might be worth playing around with. Or you could, of course use Pimm's

500ml fruity golden ale such as Badger’s Golden Glory, chilled

250ml traditional white lemonade, chilled

10-12 ice cubes

Slices of apple, orange and cucumber and a few sprigs of mint

Pour the fruit cup into a large jug. Add the beer and lemonade and stir. Add the ice cubes and slices of apple, orange and cucumber. Decorate with mint and serve.

Image © Vanessa Courtier

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