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Strawberry 'Pimm's'

I invented this recipe for my alcohol-free book How to Drink without Drinking. It started life as a Pimm's drinkalike but was so delicious with just strawberries I gave up on the other fruit

Strawberry 'Pimm's'

If you miss your Pimm’s in the summer months, I promise you this is at least as good if not better. Note that you will need to brew the tea and macerate the strawberries in advance.


2 breakfast tea bags

300ml (10fl oz) cold water

250g (9oz) strawberries

1 tablespoon caster sugar

15ml (1 tablespoon) balsamic vinegar

700ml (1¼ pints) clear lemonade (use one of the good-quality brands made with real lemon)

generous handful of ice cubes

2 sprigs of mint, to garnish

Put the tea bags in a jug, pour over the measured water and leave to infuse for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, hull the strawberries, removing any unripe white fruit around the stalk, and slice thickly. Put in a shallow dish and sprinkle with the sugar and vinegar. Turn the fruit over with a tablespoon and leave to macerate while the tea infuses.

Fish the tea bags out of the jug, add the strawberries with their juice and the lemonade and stir to mix. Add the ice cubes, garnish with the sprigs of mint and serve.

Extracted from my book How to Drink without Drinking published by Kyle Books. Photo ©Nassima Rothacker

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Nick Brett on July 31 2020 at 22:49

Must have drunk too much tonight, I thought I saw the words “teabags” there. Will read again in the morning to double check.

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