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Enoteca Rosso’s White Negroni

Although the negroni is a much-loved classic that doesn’t stop bartenders playing with the ingredients though they tend to keep to the classic formula of gin, vermouth and some kind of bitters - usually Campari.

One variation you might like to try is a white negroni which I tasted at Enoteca Rosso the other day. Their formula was 1/3 gin (47% Gadan Gin Agricolo from Italy), 1/3 Cinzano Bianco which provided the sweet element and 1/3 Luxardo Bitter Bianco. It makes for a strong but summery drink that’s better suited to drinking at this time of year than the classic version.

Manager Claudio Gelmini prefers a lemon garnish if you’re drinking it as an aperitif. I wasn’t wholly convinced as I’d normally use orange with a Cinzano Bianco but he was right. It was much more refreshing.

Other versions use Cocchi Americano or Lillet Blanc instead of Cinzano (see this recipe from Imbibe) and Suze in place of the Luxardo with generally more gin than vermouth or bitters. They are also inclined to make it in a mixing glass then strain it into an ice-filled glass but I personally don’t mind a bit of dilution with a drink this strong.

Enoteca Rosso’s White Negroni for 1

30ml gin

30ml Cinzano Bianco

30ml Luxardo Bitter Bianco

A sliver of lemon peel

Fill a tumbler with ice cubes, pour over the gin, Cinzano and Luxardo and stir. Squeeze over the lemon peel and drop it in the glass.

What to eat: Herby green olives would be particularly nice with this but you could have a selection of antipasti.

Enoteca Rosso is one of the bars celebrating Negroni Week this week

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