Best buys | Wine of the week: Josmeyer Mise du Printemps 2014

Best buys

Wine of the week: Josmeyer Mise du Printemps 2014

Who could resist a wine with a label like this at this time of year yet I ordered it before I’d even seen it.

It seemed like the perfect spring-like partner for the very light elegant food we were eating at Antidote restaurant in London where it was available by the glass: a crab and cucumber salad in my friend The Food Judge's case, asparagus with apple and avocado cream in mine.

I was sure it was a typically Alsacien combination of grape varieties maybe with a touch of riesling or muscat but surprisingly it turned out it was pinot blanc though I can't find out much more than that. Josmeyer's website is only giving background on the 2012 vintage. Anyway was just delightful: pretty, floral, gracefully aromatic - as the name suggests, the essence of spring.

The 2014 doesn’t seem to be widely available yet in the UK or the US - the only stockist I can find through is Decorum Vintners but it’s not actually listed on their site. I would call them - they say they’re ‘real people’ which is encouraging. I've also heard that Dynamic Vines stocks it at their Spa Terminus shop on Saturday mornings and Ministry of Drinks seem to have it - along with the 2013 vintage - too. But I'd go for the '14.

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