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The Pickle House Original Pickle Juice

If you’ve ever been to the great Pitt Cue Co in Newburgh Street, Soho you may well have had a drink called a pickleback - a bourbon washed down with a chaser of homemade pickle juice.

Well some enterprising company called The Pickle House* has now bottled their own pickle juice and if you like tart, tangy flavours you’ll love it!

You might well think - wouldn’t the juice from a jar of dill pickles do? and the answer is no - it’s too sharp and sour. You could drink the pickling liquor if you made your own dill pickles but who’s got time to do that these days? (Answer, me when I go on holiday in a couple of weeks’ time!) But at £7.50 for a handsome-looking 500ml bottle this is an easy way to get your pickle fix.

Incidentally although I prefer it as a chaser they were mixing it on the stand [at Imbibe Live] with bourbon and ginger ale. (I felt it disguised the flavour of the juice so it didn’t do it for me.) It’s also supposed to be good in a Bloody Mary.

You can buy it direct from The Pickle House website or write to them for other stockists.

Incidentally if you want to know more about picklebacks there’s a good post on The Thrillist website here.

*Based in Hackney. Of course.

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