Best buys | 6 wines to buy from Lidl’s Spring Wine Tour 2019

Best buys

6 wines to buy from Lidl’s Spring Wine Tour 2019

You might wonder why I so regularly flag up Lidl’s season ‘wine tours’. (No, I’m not paid to do so in case you were wondering, it’s just that it’s hard to find decent wines under £7 these days and these limited edition offers are well worth snapping up.

Here are six from the spring release which which went on sale on Thursday (March 28th)

La Bien Pinta Rueda 2017 12.5% £5.99

I haven’t always been a fan of Rueda - it used to taste like a pale imitation of New Zealand sauvignon blanc - but the quality is much improved and the packaging of this bottle is really cool. A perfect mother’s day bottle for a cool mum.

Paco do Bispo Palmela 2017 12.5% £4.99

Portugal offers incredible value these days but this crisp, dry white which would work brilliantly well with Italian food, is just a ridiculously good buy. Stock up for spring.

Jamais Renoncer 2017 Côtes du Roussillon 13.5% £5.99

I’m not a huge fan of producer Bernard Magrez - his wines tend to be too heavily oaked for my taste - but this robust southern French red would make great barbecue drinking.. And you can’t fault the message in the name. Jamais renoncer means ‘never give up’ an apposite message for our tumultuous times whichever side of the Brexit argument you’re on.

Domaine Lacombe Mercière Valréas 2017 13.5% £6.99

Classic generous southern Rhône red of considerably better than basic Côtes du Rhône quality. Good with the British classics such as bangers and mash or a Sunday roast.

Tokaji Szamorodni Béres 2016 11% £6.99 for 50cl

An incredible price for Hungary’s most famous dessert wine - tuck away some for the summer (and drink it with an apricot or other fruit tart). Wicked with blue cheese too.

Malaga Virgen Moscatel 15% £6.99 for 50cl

Dark and rich with gorgeous burnt caramel flavours this is just what you need with the remains of the kids’ Easter eggs.

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Anthony Ashworth on October 18 2019 at 22:19

The Virgen Moscatel was a fantastic wine for anyone with a sweet tooth. Goes great with sea salt milk chocolate.

Derek Guthrie on March 30 2019 at 21:07

You're right about the Paco do Bispo Palmela, ridiculously good value. Laid back, a little fruit, compared to the £4.99 supermarket warhorses of Sauv Blancs and some vicious Pinot Grigios this is charming. Good call!
But what completely blew us away is the Selone Negroamaro, an initial blast of fruit and alcohol might be too forward for some, but I'm a fan of the grape. I don't know the history here but it appears to be proof that you can take a workhorse grape and transform it into something quite stunning - there's barely any bitterness. Firstly on its own (wow) then with a very garlicky chicken and a powerful risotto, it was just as well we didn't have a, er, third bottle!

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