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Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur

If you’re not a fan of whiskey or the black stuff* there’s another way you can celebrate St Patrick’s Day this week and that is with Feeney’s Irish cream liqueur.

Before you say ‘bleugh’, bear with me. I don’t have a sweet tooth and I found myself demolishing an entire glassful.

It is of course outrageously sweet - imagine condensed milk and double cream blitzed with a Galaxy bar. Which would be pretty cloying at room temperature but well chilled or poured over ice it tastes - rather wonderfully - of frozen chocolate bars.

It would be be ridiculously good poured into a chocolate milk shake (adults only, obvs) or you could use it to make the pannacotta in my St Patrick’s Day supper menu.

Tempted? It’s on offer at £12 a litre at Tesco which compares well to £12-13 a standard 70cl bottle elsewhere. Do it!

*Guinness should you be unfamiliar with that phrase.

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Fiona Beckett on March 16 2017 at 09:46

Have never tried making it myself. Great idea!

Lucy Bridgers on March 15 2017 at 13:50

Such a guilty pleasure and it's dangerously easy to make...

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