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Best buys

Drink of the week: Cawston Press Apple and Rhubarb Juice

I’m continually on the lookout for soft drinks that are not too sweet as I know there’s a big demand for them. This isn’t perfect - it’s still a fruit juice so quite high in sugar - but it is genuinely refreshing.

It’s made by Cawston Vale, a British firm which uses pressed fruit rather than concentrate. The rhubarb gives it a lovely fresh tartness (rhubarb haters needn’t worry - there’s only 10% so it still tastes mainly of apple) which would make it delicious partner for a cheese or chicken salad or even with grilled oily fish like mackerel. It would also make a refreshing breakfast juice

If you don’t want to put a carton on the table just decant it into a jug with some ice, and a few slices of apple, cucumber and lemon - maybe even a sprig of mint.

You can buy it for around £2 a litre in Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose while Morrisons mysteriously charges £2.17

* On the plus side it contains 38g of Vitamin C which is a third of your recommended daily intake.

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