Drinks of the Month |  A cut-price amarone and some other good wine buys from Asda

Drinks of the Month

A cut-price amarone and some other good wine buys from Asda

It’s easy to overlook Asda as a source of decent drinking because so many of their wines tend to be downright dreary but there are exceptions and their prices - cheaper than Aldi and Lidl in many instances - are hard to ignore.

And with the current 25% off six bottles deal they’re even more of a bargain. (I can’t see from the website how long this goes on to but it almost certainly won’t apply in Scotland or in branches attached to garage forecourts.)

The amarone is the standout option as the perfect show-off wine for the Easter table but there some other good deals too. Note the vintages listed are the ones I’ve tasted. They may have moved on and recently bottled 2020s may not have settled yet.

Orbitali Amarone della Valpolicella 2016 14.5% Asda £14 until 18.04, £10.50 on this deal

OK this is not the best amarone EVER but at half the price you can easily pay for it it’s hard to complain. Lush and ripe, as you’d expect and smartly packaged too. Would work with lamb, especially on the barbecue or an Easter turkey if you’re having one. Or blue cheese. Or dark chocolate . . .

The best food pairings for amarone

Asda Extra Special Palacio de Vivero Rueda Verdejo 2019 13% £5.50 down to £4.13 on this deal

If you like sauvignon blanc you’ll love Rueda - especially at this price. An easy-drinking partner for salads.

Asda Extra Special Pinot Grigio, Trentino 2019 12% on offer at 6, £4.50 on this deal

It’s easy to be sniffy about pinot grigio but it absolutely hits the spot with antipasti and light pasta dishes. Fresh, crisp and clean.

Cru des Cotes du Rhone Vinsobres 2018 14.5% on offer at £7.50, down to £5.63 on this deal

Big rich and spicy - an extraordinary price for a Rhône ‘cru’. Handsomely bottled too. Would work with the Easter roast.

Extra Special Sainte-Cécile Côtes du Rhône Villages 2108 14% £7 down to £4.50 on this deal

Warm, lush, ripe, generous. Good value at £6, ridiculously cheap at £4.50. Just a great all-rounder.

Extra Special Douro 2019 13.5% on offer at £6 down to £4.50 on this deal

Rich dark and plummy. This Portuguese red is perfect for a steak pie or casserole.

Cotes de Provence Rosé 2019 13% £8 down to £6 on this deal

If you’re already in rosé mode snap up a few bottles of crisp citrussy Provence rosé in the classic curvy bottle. Good out in the sun with a picnic spread.

Champagne Henri Cachet 12% on offer at £12.50 down to £10.38

A little short but at barely more than a tenner who’s complaining? It’s perfectly decent. It's champagne!

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