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10 Valentine's Day treats to enjoy on your own

The usual bombardment of hearts and flowers that heralds Valentine’s Day is bound to make anyone who doesn’t have a Valentine feel a bit out of it. But there’s no reason not to enjoy yourself . . .

There are any number of tempting ready-made dishes and desserts in the shops (there will be even more on the 15th when the supermarkets have unsold Valentine’s Day stock to sell) so there’s no need to even cook.

You can of course buy mini bottles of wine which are apparently selling well, the Co-op told me recently, but they tend to be quite basic wines and disproportionately expensive. Buy a whole bottle and stopper the rest...

Here are my top 10 Valentine’s treats for happy singletons

Champagne, sole goujons and tartare sauce. (Or Cava and fish fingers - fizz and fried fish always hits the spot)

Generously-filled smoked salmon sandwiches and Sauvignon Blanc (Yes, even better than champagne)

Sushi and prosecco There’s a slight sweetness in both which makes them hit it off perfectly. This would be my choice btw.

A BIG steak and a glass of Malbec. Or any other medium-to-full-bodied red you enjoy . . .

Mushroom risotto and a glass of pinot noir. You could always add a sneaky bit of truffle oil (to the risotto, not the pinot obviously)

Macaroni cheese (or even an oozy cheese toastie) and a glass of Merlot

An IPA and a good curry. IPA (aka India Pale Ale) is better with curry than lager

Bread and butter pudding and a glass of Sauternes (or other late harvest Sauvignon Blanc) Or even, in this weather, a steamed syrup sponge ...

A chocolate brownie and a glass of PX (very sweet) sherry or a mini pack of Maltesers and a dram of Lagavulin. (Really! Try it!)

A couple of scoops of lemon sorbet topped with a shot of frozen vodka

And not so much a pairing more a hot cocktail - a mug of hot chocolate or cocoa made with a good slug of Bailey’s or other Irish cream liqueur (Lidl does a great one)

What would you treat yourself to if you were/are spending Valentine’s night on your own?

* Before one of you points it out this site of course is not immune to V Day mania. You’ll find recommendations for the most popular Valentines’ Day foods, a list of the sexiest cheeses, suggestions for Valentine’s cocktails and a cheat's menu for lazy lovers . . .

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Fiona Beckett on February 14 2014 at 12:07

Nice one Sally. That DOES sound indulgent!

Sally on February 14 2014 at 12:02

White onion and stilton soup + a glass of Rasteau.

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