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5 reasons

What is 5 reasons all about?

I’ve been wondering how best to help drinks businesses who have been hit by the Coronavirus crisis (i.e. pretty well all of you). Initially I just thought of reviewing more wines and other drinks in the Best Buys section - and I will do that - but it’s difficult and expensive to get wines delivered at the moment, a hit smaller companies could do without.

So I’ve come up with the idea of creating an 'open mic' platform for YOU to tell potential customers what you do and why people should buy from or support you.

I’ve called it ‘5 reasons' to give it some structure and keep it short and punchy. Basically it will appear as 5 reasons to … say, buy your range of Spanish wines or whateverthenameis gin. Actually I can think of a LOT more than five reasons to drink gin at the moment

So it will be in your own words (I’ll tidy up typos and query anything that’s unclear) and can link to a wine, a beer or your website - whatever). No more than 200 words I suggest which need not just be about the product but about you and your business. And a call to action. What people should do next - how they can buy from or otherwise support you.

We’ll also need a high res image which shows the product or service, the place you’re making or selling it or - best of all - you, the team behind it. (You don’t need a fancy camera - I normally just upload photos from my iPhone but the dimensions need to be 1312 x 840px so take a horizontal shot.)

Although I initially thought of it as a platform for the drinks trade it could of course equally well apply to food so if you’re a small grower, maker or farmer and still trying to sell what you produce feel free to take advantage of it too. Or if you’re a charity, wanting people to support you at this difficult time. The space is yours. And it costs nothing.

I’m sure the idea will need refining as time goes on - do feel free to suggest improvements - but let’s give it a go. Contact me at fiona AT matchingfoodandwine DOT com with your suggestions or message me on my @winematcher Twitter account or at @food_writer on instagram.

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