From the archives | My pick of the current Waitrose reds: November 2016

From the archives

My pick of the current Waitrose reds: November 2016

So it’s 25% off promotion time again, kicking off with Waitrose. My guess is this is the last one they'll have before Christmas so take advantage. The offer lasts until November 8th.

These deals are a good opportunity to buy wines you might not normally be able to afford, bearing in mind they’ll probably be even more expensive next year due to the fall in the pound. (Don't even get me started on that!)

Remember you have to buy six bottles to claim the discount and watch out for vintages. The ones on which I’ve based this selection may not be the one on the shelf. Not to say you shouldn't buy them but I can't personally vouch for them.

Lighter reds

Les Nivières 2015 Saumur 13% £8.99 down to £6.74

Lovely light, fragrant Loire red for when you want to remember it was once summer. Drink lightly chilled with charcuterie or seared tuna

Bolney Estate Pinot Noir 2015 £15.99 down to £11.99 (Limited distribution)

England isn’t noted for its reds but this surprisingly deep-flavoured pinot from Sussex is one of the best. Well worth buying if you’re a pinot fan. Drink with duck or turkey.

Medium-to-full bodied classic reds

Jean-Luc Baldes Malbec du Clos 2012 Cahors 13.5% £8.99 down to £6.74

Big deep ripe malbec from its original home in Cahors. Drink with steak frites or garlicky sausages. Great value.

Chateau de Caraguilhes 2014 Corbières 13% £9.99 down to £7.49

Really lovely warm spicy Languedoc red. Good-looking bottle that suggests it’s pricier than it is. Would be good with a daube or a cassoulet. NB Waitrose cellar is still on the 2013 online.

Chateau Musar 2009 Lebanon 14% £23.99 down to £17.99

The legendary Chateau Musar is not the bargain it once was but at this price it’s very hard to resist, especially as it’s one of the last vintages made by the late, great Serge Hochar. Worth buying enough to tuck some away.

Waitrose Chianti Classico 2014, Barone Ricasoli £11.99 down to £8.99

Good Chianti is by no means cheap these days and this own brand version is pretty good value at its full price but at a 25% discount it’s a snip. Great with Tuscan-style roast lamb or a good homemade lasagne.

Baron de Ley Club Privado Rioja 2014 £9.99 down to £7.49

Remember the name Baron de Ley - they make some of the best inexpensive Rioja sometimes under supermarket own labels. This is a good example of their style - youthful but still smooth and well-integrated. Perfect for a Sunday lunch

First Press Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Napa Valley £17.99 down to £12.99

Napa Cab is normally out of reach for most of us which makes this a particularly good offer. Smooth, velvety and delicious. Great with a steak.

Norton Winemaker’s Reserve Malbec 2014 £11.99 down to £8.99

Malbec from the other side of the world in the Lujan de Cuyo region of Mendoza, Argentina. A well-established producer who makes their wines in quite a classic style. Good Bordeaux substitute so good for most red meats. Note website is still offering 2013.

Domaine Font de Michelle 2013 Chateauneuf-du-Pape 14.5% £25.99 down to £19.49

I’m always a bit reluctant to recommend Chateauneuf du Pape as you pay such a premium for the name but I know many of you love it and at this price it’s a decent buy if not a steal. And ready to drink which many cheaper bottles aren’t.

Big belting modern reds

Anda Tempranillo/Syrah 2015 Andalucia 14% £7.99 down to £5.99

A vibrant modern juicy Spanish red that would make a good midweek accompaniment to a plate of pasta or sausage and mash. Terrific value

Valdivieso Winemaker Reserva Malbec 2015 £8.49 down to £6.37

A much riper, sweeter style of malbec than the Norton above which shows you can’t always generalise about wines from a particular country even if they come from the same grape variety. A red you could sip on its own if you were so minded but could also handle a bit of spice.

Waitrose Vino Valdivieso Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 £9.99 down to £7.49

Also from Valdivieso but under Waitrose’s own label the kind of lush, sexy cabernet that Chile does so well. Think spicy beef or lamb dishes.

Waitrose Foundation Shiraz 2015 Cederberg £8.99 down to £6.74

Shiraz may be more commonly associated with Australia but South Africa does it well too. Big, rich and lush - a lot of wine for the money

Peter Lehmann Portrait Shiraz 2013 £9.99 down to £7.49

A classic shiraz from one of the Barossa greats - big, lusty and ripe.

The Hedonist Shiraz 2015 McLaren Vale £13.99 down to £10.49

Glorious big, supple, typically McLaren Vale red - and surprisingly biodynamic. Pure pleasure. Note the website is still on the 2014

You can find my pick of Waitrose's white, sweet and sparkling wines here.

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