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My Bâtonnage podcast

If you enjoy podcasts join me and Master of Wine Liam Steevenson for our Bätonnage podcast in which we aim to have stirring and stimulating discussions with guests from across the wine - and occasionally beer and spirits - world.

You can find links to the latest episodes on Liam's website Global Wine Solutions and on Apple and Soundcloud and read about how we came to set up the podcast here.

In the current series the latest podcasts are:

What can sherry do to win back fans with Owen Morgan of Bar 44

Liam and Fiona talk to sherry educator Owen Morgan, founder of the family owned Bar 44 group of tapas bars and restaurants about why sherry still struggles to win our affections. After its heyday in the 60s and 70s why did it fall out of fashion? Was it right to focus on drier styles like fino and manzanilla? Does the level or alcohol deter today’s drinker or Is there just too much competition from other drinks? Or maybe, just maybe, the secret is chocolate . . .

Change the way you think about Bordeaux with Harold Langlais of Chateau Le Puy

In this episode Liam and Fiona talk Bordeaux with Harold Langlais from Château Le Puy, a small Château situated just outside St Emilion, which has been changing the way people think about this classic region.

Lessons in rule breaking from the beer industry with Brett Ellis of The Wild Beer Co

Liam and Fiona talk to Brett Ellis, a founder and Head Brewer of Wild Beer in Somerset, about wild yeast strains, creative brewing techniques and breaking the rules. The look at what this booming company has managed to achieved and lessons that can be learnt by the wine industry.

Is shipping wine in bottle a thing of the past? with Richard Lloyd of Accolade Wines

Liam and Fiona talk to Richard Lloyd, the General Manager of Accolade Wines, Europe's largest bottler of bulk wines. They discuss the process of shipping wine in containers, the quality, environmental and economic impact as well as consumer perception. Is it the future of the wine industry and should we embrace it?

The reincarnation of the Languedoc with Jason Yapp of Yapp Wines

Liam and Fiona talk to Jason Yapp of Yapp Brothers in Mere, one of the UKs leading independent wine merchants and authorities on the Rhône and the Loire. Today however they talk about the Languedoc, fascinating region that it is.

The Future of Wine with Robert Joseph

Fiona and Liam discuss the future of wine with wine industry entrepreneur Robert Joseph covering issues such as whether the appellation system is aiding or hampering the industry, what is the future of retailing is and whether supermarkets are the long term solution or whether the answer will come through social media platforms. Robert, as always, is deliberately confrontational, challenging of conventions and leaving you thinking.

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