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Which wine to pair with a Moroccan tagine?

While summer isn’t a time one feels drawn to hearty stews Moroccan tagines are a different matter. Exotic and aromatic, they somehow suit the heat and not being particularly spicy are relatively simple to match with wine.

Lamb tagines
Lamb tagines usually incorporate some kind of fruit, most commonly dried fruits like figs or prunes. I generally like those with mellow aged reds like Rioja reservas or similar oak-aged Spanish reds, inexpensive southern Italian reds such as Nero d’Avola, Negroamaro and Aglianico, Lebanese reds or of course reds from Morocco itself.

You could also try a brighter, fruitier red with good acidity like this Marcel Lapierre Morgon I reported on here, especially if lighter fruits such as apricots are involved.

Chicken or vegetable tagines with preserved lemon
You’d think white wine would be the natural go to for a dish like this but I’d be cautious. The lemon flavour in the tagine may well strip out any citrussy flavours in the wine so I’d go for a simple crisp white rather than a Sauvignon Blanc which is a bit too similar in taste. Or for a Hunter Valley Semillon as suggested here.

Better still would be a strong dry southern French rosé such as the Costières de Nimes I mention here or, you might be surprised to learn, an aged Rioja or similar Spanish red as recommended above. You might think red is a weird choice with this type of dish but it works really well provided the wine is not too alcoholic or ripe. So not a 14.5% Chilean or Californian blockbusters!

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Caro - Taste of Savoie on April 6 2013 at 20:00

great, interesting article - just got me out of a spot! A friend asking what wine he should pair with his lamb tagine! I have forwarded this to him

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