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What type of food pairs best with Brunello di Montalcino?

I always like to respond promptly if someone draws attention to a wine match that’s not available on the site so thanks, Nigel B of Hong Kong for pointing out there was nothing on Brunello di Montalcino.

I have to confess I don’t drink Brunello as often as I’d like (perhaps I should live in Hong Kong . . . ) but luck would have it I’d drafted something recently which I hope is a help.

“When asked what food suits their wines best Brunello producers will simply say ‘meat’ or ‘game’ by which they mean Tuscan-style as it wouldn’t occur to them there’s any other way to cook. As Claudia Roden put it in The Food of Italy Tuscans have always “liked natural foods undisguised by sauces and elaborate artifice.”

That said, Brunello is a great wine that deserves something substantial, a fine roast leg of lamb with rosemary, pot roast pheasant, roast squab with truffles or that most famous dish of all bistecca alla fiorentina, Tuscan-style steak, ideally sourced from the indigenous Chianina beef.

More rustic dishes such as Tuscan sausages and beans or pappardelle with wild boar (cinghiale) or hare (lepre) sauce would also work very well with younger Brunellos.

Cheese should be kept simple, especially with older vintages. Aged pecorino or parmesan would be ideal.”

If there’s any food, wine or other drink you can’t find a pairing for don’t hesitate to let me know.

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MeSaare on March 8 2016 at 08:09

Roast organic spring lamb from Saaremaa and a properly old Brunello - a meal fit for goddesses.

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