Top pairings | What wines (and other drinks) pair best with noodles?

Top pairings

What wines (and other drinks) pair best with noodles?

If you’re wondering what to drink with noodles you need to think about the way and the flavours with which they’re cooked rather than the fact that they’re noodles. (Yes, I know pasta counts as noodles too but I’m thinking more of Asian recipes.)

They’re not an obvious dish with which to drink wine particularly if they’re served in a broth like this recipe for Khao Soi noodles In fact you don’t actually need to drink with them at all. But dry dishes do go quite well, particularly Japanese noodle recipes. Here are some wine and other pairings to try:

Aromatic white wines

The most obvious go-to with a bowl of noodles. My favourites would be a dry riesling or grüner veltliner or try a Hungarian dry furmint or harslevelu. Often it's the sauce or broth that dictates that as with this laksa.

Crisp dry white wines

Crisp whites like albarino, picpoul de pinot and koshu pair well with cold noodles like this prawn noodle salad

Inexpensive red burgundy

Maybe not the most obvious choice but it did the trick with this sukiyaki. It would probably go with a beef pho too


Probably most people’s choice when it comes to beer. It certainly works with ramen and pad thai (below) though if you’re eating a cold noodle dish like this one try a weissbier.

Pad thai


Particularly with Japanese noodles for obvious reasons

Green tea

Especially genmaicha - a particularly savoury green tea flavoured with roasted brown rice. Again good with Japanese noodles.


Being a fermented drink kombucha (fermented tea) has a tiny amount of alcohol but unless you’re avoiding it altogether it’s negligible. A good match for many noodle dishes too

Sour plum tea

A recent discovery that worked really well with some spicy Sichuan noodles

A fruity cocktail

A fruity cocktail like this Guava Collins works well with hot spicy noodles

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