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What wine to pair with hummus

If you’re wondering what wine to pair with hummus or houmous you need to take account of the fact that it’s rarely served on its own.

It’s a regular part of Greek and middle-eastern appetizers that may include other dips like taramasalata or muhammara, stuffed vine leaves, olives or pickled chillies.

That said, the combination of chickpeas, tahini and garlic is particularly wine-friendly though there are flavour variations that may push you in a particular direction with your pairing

Here are the four types of wine I think go with it best.

Dry rosés

Probably my all-round favourite pairing. A pale dry rosé from Provence or elsewhere in southern France, for preference - you don’t want one that’s too sweet or fruity. For me pinot noir rosés are just too aromatic.

Crisp dry white wines

Such as Greek assyrtiko, Spanish albariño, Portuguese alvarinho or French Picpoul de Pinet. Again, a dry refreshing white rather than an overly fruity or oaky one. (I’d be less inclined to drink a chardonnay or a New Zealand sauvignon blanc for example). White wines are particularly good with hummus that’s flavoured with coriander.

Light, quaffable fruity reds

From anywhere around the Mediterranean (the Lebanon has some good examples) Or a cinsault. I particularly like reds with red pepper hummus. Watch the alcohol though - I personally think 14.5% reds are a bit heavy with mezze

Amber or orange wines

Hummus really is a great pairing for orange or amber wines, especially when combined with lamb or aubergines as you can see from this recent post. In fact if you’re not into orange wines, hummus may be the key to get you started. But classic hummus rather than flavoured hummus I’d suggest.

Image by Ajale from Pixabay

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