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What wine goes with Easter eggs?

I wouldn’t want you to agonise too much about which wine to pair with Easter eggs - it’s most likely a question of what’s conveniently to hand but you don’t need me to tell you that Easter eggs are sweet so you need a wine with a corresponding touch of sweetness.

And also bubbles. Easter is a celebration of spring after all. Champagne is a bit dry for me but undeniably celebratory and if it’s what you have open you go for it. Prosecco, especially rosé prosecco, is better especially with inexpensive milk chocolate eggs (the best kind!)

Then there are the strong sweet wines that work with chocolate, port, sherry and particularly at this time of year, Marsala

Or, if you’re thinking outside wine, a liqueur or fruit-flavoured gin ...

The best wines to drink with an Easter egg

Brachetto d’Aqui

This light, sweet red Italian sparkling wine is perfect with Easter eggs but not easy to get hold of, especially at the last minute


Prosecco comes into its own at Easter, I reckon, especially the new rosé proseccos. (Also great with Colomba di Pasqua, the Easter version of panettone.)

What sort of food to pair with prosecco?


If you’ve a sweet tooth go for Asti or, even better Moscato d’Asti

Young ruby port

Maybe a touch strong but if you’ve got a good dark chocolate egg …Or chilled pink port (anathema i know to some port lovers!) with a milk chocolate egg. For some reason marsala (dolce rather than secco) is better

A full-bodied fruity red - especially with a dark chocolate egg

Not too old, not too oaky, lots of lush ripe fruit. Think shiraz or malbec.

Pale cream sherry

Also chilled. (Sceptical? Check out my ebook 101 Great Ways to Enjoy Sherry!)

And - not wine but great if you have a sweet tooth - cream liqueurs especially salted caramel liqueurs, orange liqueurs (like a liquid Terry’s chocolate orange), limoncello (it’s spring!) and gin liqueurs especially rhubarb and raspberry flavoured ones. (OK, I DID say if you have a sweet tooth …)

Happy Easter!

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