Top pairings | What to drink with your favourite Christmas snacks

Top pairings

What to drink with your favourite Christmas snacks

You may think it’s utterly pointless to waste time wondering what would be the best match for Christmas snacks. For most people the answer would be prosecco.

But suppose you were going to sit down and enjoy a packet of your favourite snack with a bevvy of your choice what would it be?

In the spirit of Yuletide generosity I thought I’d share a few thoughts

A general tip: it’s more useful to focus on the snack flavouring than the snack shape. Salty snacks pretty well all go with a refreshing lager, cheesy ones, you may be surprised to hear, with a chardonnay, meaty snacks - I’m personally channelling homemade sausage rolls rather than roast beef Monster Munch or Bacon Frazzles - with a hearty red and fishy snacks - who grazes on fishy snacks other than maybe smoked salmon canapés? - with a crisp white such as sauvignon blanc.


Remarkably good with champagne (truffle-flavoured crisps even more so). As indeed are chips

Hula Hoops/Pringles/French Fries and other salty snacks

Can’t beat a cold lager IMHO though with Doritos I’d be tempted to down a margarita

Cheeselets, Cheesy Wotsits, Mini Cheddars, Cheese Footballs

Oddly a good full-flavoured but fresh-tasting chardonnay ticks the box with cheese-flavoured snacks.

Sausages on sticks

Often coated in a sticky honey and mustard glaze which can make lighter wines taste a bit thin. A plumptious shiraz would do the job although with sausage rolls I’d favour a Côtes du Rhône. And with cocktail sausages? A German or Czech lager (also the obvious match for pretzels)

Cheese and pineapple on sticks


Monster Munch

Tend to be more robustly seasoned and meatier than other snacks so think macho reds such as Malbec or a big IPA


All about the Marmite - go for milk stout or porter

Salted peanuts

Salty, yes, but more about the peanuts. What about a pina colada?

Salted almonds

More in the Spanish mould so definitely a fino or amontillado sherry

Vol au vents

Those light-as-air pastry cases deserve a glass of champagne or, at the very least, a French crémant

Smoked salmon canapés

Champagne would be most people's go-to though I personally prefer a glass of sauvignon blanc - or a subtle Speyside malt

10 different drinks to pair with smoked salmon

Prawn crackers, mini poppadums and other spicy snacks

Gin and tonic really hits the spot.


Depends whether it’s sweet or savoury. With sweet popcorn I strongly recommend a well chilled glass or pale cream sherry or - yes - a glass of prosecco. With salted popcorn make it Cava.

See also how to make a Classic Cheese Ball

So what’s your favourite snack and what would you drink with it?

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