Top pairings | Twitmatching #1 An A-Z of Twitter's best Champagne pairings!

Pairings | Champagne and food

Twitmatching #1 An A-Z of Twitter's best Champagne pairings!

I lobbed a question about unusual Champagne pairings into the Twittersphere yesterday and got the most amazing response. It prompted the idea of having a monthly Twitter matching session - Twitmatching - the results of which I’ll post on this site.

The replies showed that Champagne can go with anything - if you’re in the mood - from fish and chips to popcorn. Here’s an A-Z listing with my comments (in italics). For more insights into my own preferences key Champagne into the search engine and remember many of these pairings will go with sparkling wine too.

BBQ pork ribs with a spicy-sweet sauce with rosé Champagne @AtlantaWineGuy
Beef - rare roast beef with nv Bollinger rosé @TheWineSociety
Beef stew with Pol Roger in magnum @peterthefarmer (not totally convinced about this one when there are so many other good things to drink with beef stew)
Black pudding with Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut @Celiamama
Blue cheese and demi-sec - especially Fourme d’Ambert and Gorgonzola (and, I suspect, Stichelton) @Terravina_mktg
Burgers and Blanc de Noirs @elitistreview
Carpaccio @scandilicious altho’ she specified whale carpaccio! Ordinary beef carpaccio a favourite match of mine
Cheesy canaps @randulo
Camembert @LauBre (if not too ripe)
Chips @swdmw @AtlantaWineGuy
Chocolate @TChocolateC (more pleasurable research to be done on this I feel) @GourmetRabbit suggested Chocolate hazelnuts and @jteramsden chocolate cake - with Heidsieck Gold Top 2004
Chorizo in filo pastry with rosé Champagne @foodwinediarist (and Cava rosado, I suspect)
Cream - dishes with double cream with young Champagne @zagundo
Curry - mild ones @aforkful (and Indian-style snacks such as bhajis)
Fatty foods @randulo
Fish and chips: one of the most popular pairings esp with @FreyaReinsch @lucybridgers @OstreaEdulis @zoharwine
Fried foods generally esp fried chicken @swdmw
Fruit salad @lucybridgers @GourmetRabbit
Mexican food @GourmetRabbit (the lighter dishes, I suspect)
Moules frites (mussels and chips) with Pol Roger Pure @TheWineSociety
Oatmeal @porridgelady @scandilicious (not as porridge I’d have thought but hey, why not if you like it. As @porridgelady must)
Pancakes with blueberries @FreyaReinsch and with maple syrup@adaptedsilence (latter might be a tad too sweet)
Parmesan with vintage Champagne @zagundo
Pavlova with ‘rich’ styles @lucybridgers
Peaches and basil - in Champagne in cocktails and sorbets @alexmackaycooks
Popcorn @winewatcher esp with truffle salt and Ruinart @chzmongerswife with truffle butter @flintyred
Poppadums and chutney with Cristal ‘97 (and no doubt other vintages as well) @TheWineSociety
Pork, ginger and spring onions with Billecart Salmon rosé @corksoutheswall
Rice crackers @pikachan2008
Rice - special fried rice @winewomensong
Salami and vintage Ruinart @peterthefarmer
Salmon - grilled @GourmetRabbit (and poached with hollandaise)
Salty foods like olives @randulo
Sashimi - Kingfish sashimi with drunken cherry tomato & chilli lime sherbet @winewedrink
Smoked eel on toast with cream cheese @Foodiexplorer (and, we thought, blinis)
Soufflé Suissesse (cheese soufflé popularised by Le Gavroche in London) with vintage Krug (and other less pricey Champagnes I suspect) @OstreaEdulis @lucybridgers
Spanakopita @SpiceSpoon
Spicy food and demi-sec (or Rich) Champagne @BubblesFerreira @AtlantaWineGuy who recommended spicy pan-Asian (e.g. pad thai)
Spinach pancakes with smoked salmon and sour cream @Wijnkronieken
Strawberries with pepper @Celiamama
‘Stinky’ cheese with prestige cuvées e.g. Maroilles with Krug @OstreaEdulis and Pont L’Eveque with Cristal ‘93 @zagundo
Turron or Turron ice cream @R_McCormack

Thank you all so much for your contributions. Next month's Twitmatching challenge will be asparagus.

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