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The best wine pairings for Caerphilly

Caerphilly - or, to be more precise - Gorwydd Caerphilly which is made by my friends Trethowan Brothers - is probably the cheese I know best. And there’s one absolutely outstanding match for it . . .

That is basic white burgundy - nothing very fancy required. I first came across it paired with a glass of Avery’s white burgundy but wines like Maçon-Villages, Chablis and other cool-climate Chardonnays would also work fine.

You could also try Chenin Blanc - I’ve also had great success with Jasnières - and other smooth dry whites such as Soave and Gavi from Italy. And crisp English white wines, especially Bacchus, go well with Caerphilly too especially if you serve it with fresh peas as I've shown here.

If you fancy a red I’d keep it light - maybe something like a Chinon or other Cabernet Franc-based red from the Loire but to be honest whites are so much nicer with this delicate, subtle style of British cheese.

So far as other drinks are concerned I’d go for cider or perry rather than beer although I know that they’ve experimented with stout which does have the virtue of a dramatic colour contrast - the white cheese next to the black drink. I find it a bit strong myself. But a dry or medium dry cider or perry is lovely.

Soft drinks are also good - apple juice or rhubarb and apple juice are particularly delicious.

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