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The best wine pairings for mangoes and mango desserts

Mangoes are in the news for all the wrong reasons this week with the EU having implemented a ban* on the much-prized Alphonso mangoes, frequently referred to as the ‘king of fruit’.

While the step does seem unnecessarily draconian it does reflect genuine concerns about the migration of insects and their effect on native plants and trees highlighted by one of the contributors to our Facebook page.

Still, this post is not about politics but pairings. What do you drink with a mango, assuming you can get hold of one (and there will of course be mangoes available from other countries and regions)?

Mango has a natural affinity with citrus, especially lime which makes riesling a natural go-to for any mango-based salad or dessert. With a dessert like this luscious chilled rice pudding with alphonso and lime syrup from Yotam Ottolenghi I’d serve a late harvest or young auslese Riesling or a citrussy late harvest Sauvignon blanc

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with its passionfruit flavours would be a good match for salads which feature mango - as would a Colombard or Colombard-Chardonnay blend with its own tropical fruit flavours.

Richer slghtly sweeter styles of Chardonnay match with savoury mango dishes like this opulent dish of chicken supremes with mango and cream again from Ottolenghi.

With spicier mango dishes I’d try an off-dry Pinot Gris or, particularly if there was a ginger note**, a Gewurztraminer. Come to think of it a late harvest gewurz would be pretty sensational with a mango dessert too.

* If you oppose the ban you can sign this e-petition here

** As author and sommelier Francois Chartier points out in his book Tastebuds and Molecules ginger has an affinity with mango and consequently with gewurztraminer.

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