Top pairings | The 5 best wine (and best cocktail) pairings for garlic cheesy bread

Top pairings

The 5 best wine (and best cocktail) pairings for garlic cheesy bread

I wouldn’t have thought of proferring wine pairings for garlic cheesy bread had I not stumbled across the fact that it was the most re-pinned image on Pinterest.

I would have assumed you would eat it with other dishes that would have more impact on the wine you were drinking but it seems for garlic cheesy bread fanatics nothing must get in the way of their favourite food.

But you still need something to drink and here’s what I suggest

Sparkling wine

Assuming you’re tearing it apart in front of the TV a glass of bubbly should go down rather well. Doesn’t have to be champagne (although why not?) - a glass of prosecco would do nicely. Or even - gulp! - a moscato if that rocks your boat. (Bit sweet for me.)

Sauvignon Blanc

If GCB is everyone’s favourite snack why not drink everyone’s favourite white with it? Citrus flavours are always great with garlic.

Pinot Grigio, Gavi or other dry Italian whites

A good choice because the flavour is not too assertive - it won’t get in the way of that garlicky, cheesy bliss-out.


Bit of a left-field choice this but a crisp fruity young riesling would really hit the spot. Especially if riesling proves to be the new Sauvignon Blanc


White wine is better with GCB than red, I reckon but if red’s what you enjoy, red is what you should drink. I toyed with pinot noir but I frankly think Merlot would be better with all that garlic.

A margarita

I like the idea of a cocktail with GCB and what could be better than a margarita? A classic one I’d suggest not one of those fancy ones with strawberry or passionfruit. Though please don’t let me stop you ...

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