Top pairings | Six food pairings for gin that might surprise you

Top pairings

Six food pairings for gin that might surprise you

Given the immense popularity of gin the chances of you sitting in a bar downing a gin-based cocktail are pretty high. But at some point you're going to need something to eat so what kind of food can you pair with it?

There aren’t gin dinners (yet) in the same way there are whisky dinners but there are some dishes that work particularly well with gin - especially served simply as a G & T

The secret is in the botanicals ...


You know how you often season a paté with juniper berries? Well, stands to reason then that juniper-based gin should work too and it does.

Cucumber sandwiches

G & T with afternoon tea? Well, why not especially if your tastes run more to savoury things than sweet. Think cucumber sandwiches in particular (well, if it works in a Hendrick's, why not on the plate?). Egg sarnies, crab and smoked salmon sandwiches are good too.

Prawn toasts

I stumbled on this by accident (how many of the best discoveries happen) and they’re just brilliant with a G & T. As are veggie spring rolls

A Chinese-style seafood supper

Indian street snacks

Same principle. Deep-fried, spicy food, refreshing botanicals. Try it!

Fish & chips

This is a bit more counter-intuitive - after all you may be longing for a glass of Cava or a good cup of tea but it’s a really refreshing contrast to that rich batter. Gin can take a bit of garlic too if you want to serve a dollop of aioli on the side

For other good fish & chip matches click here

Strong pongy cheeses

Actually it’s the Dutch version of gin, genever, that works particularly well but a slightly earthy gin like Bathtub or Plymouth gin can easily handle a powerful pongy cheese like a Epoisses or Stinking Bishop. Serve it as a shot though (maybe with a tiny splash of water) rather than diluted with tonic. (By contrast fresh goats cheeses apparently pair well with a citrussy G & T according to online spirits store Alexander and James

Can any wine stand up to Stinking Bishop?

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