Top pairings | Food pairings for wheat beer II - hefeweizen, dunkelweizen and other German-style wheat beers

Top pairings

Food pairings for wheat beer II - hefeweizen, dunkelweizen and other German-style wheat beers

German wheat beers are sufficiently different from Belgian wheat beers to merit a separate post - so what are the best food matches for hefeweizen with their striking banana and clove flavours?

Of course some of the same pairings will work but in my view hefeweizen are better with richer, sweeter seafood dishes and pork than witbier. They’re also less spicy so less good with the citrus and herb flavours that work so well with witbiers.

Hefeweizen such as Schneider Weisse and Franziskaner

Weisswurst and pretzels - THE classic south German breakfast pairing

Any kind of cured pork: sausages with potato salad, smokey hams - and the accompanying pickles

Roast chicken or pork

Fried chicken or veal (wiener schnitzel)

Chicken caesar salad

Richer seafood such as scallops and lobster (I'm betting lobster rolls are particularly good)

Hot smoked salmon and sautéed salmon

Chicken-based Tex Mex dishes like burritos

Apple tarts and turnovers

Mark Dredge suggests banana cake and roast banana in his book Craft Beer World. And Saveur comes up with this recipe for banana pudding which I must say I like the look of.


Some of the above pairings will work with the richer, malty flavours of dunkelweizen but I would put more emphasis on:

Smoked ham and bacon

American-style BBQ

Mole (the Mexican dish not a small furry creature)

Fried chicken, veal or pork with a tomato and pepper sauce

Matured cheeses such as Gouda and Parmesan

If you found this article useful take a look at my post on matching witbiers. And there’s a useful article by beer writer Ben McFarland here on matching wheat beers. Quoting yours truly, as it happens . . .

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