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6 of the best pairings for pinot grigio

That pinot grigio is many people's favourite white wine should come as no surprise - it’s a refreshing, versatile wine that pairs really well with light, summery food and ever-popular Italian staples such as pasta and risotto.

Six top pairings for pinot grigio

  • Antipasti, especially seafood and vegetable-based ones like seafood salad or marinated fish like octopus
  • Fried fish or vegetables such as fritto misto - or even fish and chips
  • Light pasta sauces including seafood like clams, cream or fresh tomato (it’s not so good with more robust meaty sauces). You can even add a splash of the wine to the recipe as I’ve done in this recipe for tiger prawns with tomato and basil sauce. Pinot grigio is great with a carbonara too.
  • Light seafood or vegetable-based risottos such as risotto primavera(with spring vegetables such as peas and asparagus) or with fennel. Risi e bisi too.
  • Light seafood salads such as crab or prawn/shrimp salad
  • Sushi - it might not be the obvious pairing but it's a good one

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